Hi, I’m Betsy! 

My full name is Elizabeth Krug, but please don’t call me that unless I am in trouble (thanks momma).  I am a midwestern girl, born and raised, and am blessed to have lived in and traveled to some pretty amazing places.  Creating extraordinary parties has always been a part of my life in one way or another. I realized my true addiction to hospitality at age 16 when a wonderful (very short) woman gave me my first real job and a taste of the food and beverage world.  She fueled my choice to pursue a degree in Hospitality Management and 16 years later, the rest is history.  I was recruited to work for Hyatt Corporation immediately after college and could write a book (and maybe will) filled with the most ridiculous stories from life behind the scenes after working in the hospitality industry for so many years.  During those years, I frequently met my friend (and co-worker) Becca for margaritas after work. We laughed and dreamed about one day having an event planning business together. Four years after meeting each other and that first margarita, our dream became a reality as Becca and I toasted (yet again) and signed the paperwork making us co-owners of Rebecca Rose Events.  I promise there is a much longer story than just cocktail drinking after work, but that’s my CliffsNotes version of how I ended up here! (If you want the full scoop, you can read the story starting here.)

What I Do

Event Director is just a fancier name for a to-do list maker and task master.  Queen Organizer would be my preferred title, but that just looked silly on a business card (and got vetoed by the team) so I settled for Event Director.  My role in our company is to handle all the logistics and planning for our events, along with managing the business aspects of our company.  Anything behind the scenes... that’s pretty much me!  To-do lists, excel spreadsheets, and checklists are my spirit animals. I create the elaborate plans to help each unique vision and sketch come to life.  Through research, contract negotiation, and a whole bunch of communication, I build event dream teams that include beautiful venues, amazing bands, luxurious accommodations, talented cake bakers, brilliant hair and makeup artists, unique rentals, and anything else we dream up together.  I also manage our talented team of staff and contractors who make me look good on a regular basis (thanks ladies!) and oversee our competitive student internship program.  On an event day, I am the wizard behind the machine that makes everything run (and if it breaks, I am the mechanic that fixes it without you ever knowing).   

What I Love

In my opinion, there is nothing in life better than a good belly laugh.  And I laugh, A LOT, which is lucky because my personal life is sometimes a bit crazy- #homerenovation.  I am hopelessly optimistic and always see the positive side of things. I frequently use the wrong version of the word "peek" (sneak peaks aren't really a thing!) and I don't always send perfect error-free emails.   I drink coffee pretty much all day long, and wouldn't have it any other way.  I am in a never-ending, twisted love affair with good food, bad genetics and healthy living.  When things get tough, nothing picks me up like a long bike ride, pizza Friday with Jack or an escape to a quiet beach.  My life wouldn’t be complete without my best friend and soul mate, Jack, and our black lab puppies, Fred and Summer (the "terrors"). I feel like the luckiest girl in the world because I am living the life I always dreamed of, surrounded by people I love.