Meet Nicole!

Hello everyone!

I cannot believe we are nearing the end of February... in the year 2016! I remember being a little girl in the 90’s thinking the year 2000 was a big deal… What would 10-year-old Nicole think of this? Well, 2015 was definitely a year for the books. I celebrated my 1-year anniversary of graduating from the most amazing university, the University of Houston (Go Coogs!!), I moved out of an apartment and back home with my momma for a few months, I traveled to Europe, and I made the biggest move of my life so far.

This past summer I started chatting every so often with Betsy & Becca about my hopes and dreams of working full time at a wedding planning company. At first, it was just small conversation about my past wedding experience, what I loved about the industry, and how I was ready for a big change in my life. Then, it happened. What I thought was just a call to let me know they would think of me if an opportunity became available, was really the call that changed everything. I was offered an in-person interview for a job in my dream industry in a new state far away from Texas. This was my chance for the big adventure I had been awaiting!

Next thing I know, I was booking a ticket to visit Winston-Salem and meet my future bosses. From being greeted at the airport with a welcome gift box, to a champagne toast at dinner, my first experience of Winston Salem was magical and I instantly fell in love with the city. I remember calling my sister, Sharon, and telling her that it was official, if they wanted me here...I was moving.

I have now been in Winston-Salem since October, and can honestly tell you this is truly my home. I’ve made some amazing friends, I am almost completely settled into my apartment, and I absolutely LOVE my job. The adventure has just started, and I cant wait to see where it takes me.

This year, I set a few resolutions for myself, and I wanted to share one of them with y’all. It is a goal I will strive to achieve in both my work and personal life, and that resolution is to become a better writer and to have a clear and distinct voice through these blog posts. But for now, I have a secret to share… this is my first time writing on a blog! Please bear with me as I work towards attaining that voice, I know it will be a fun process for us all.

Until next week…

XO - Nicole