Our wedding will take place in another state or country – will RRE travel?

Absolutely! Inspiration lurks in every corner of the world and love knows no borders. We have passports, love to travel, and can do what we do anywhere! Our work has taken us to California, New York, South Carolina, the coastal and mountain regions of North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia. Learn more on our destination weddings page.

How many weddings do you handle at any given time?  

Rebecca Rose Events will accept and manage no more than 8 full service weddings per calendar year. Our team also works on a small handful of other creative projects including editorial styling work, graphic design/print production and floral design for social events, which are all handled through our little sister company, Rebecca Rose Creative.

How do you determine pricing for your services? What will it cost to hire RRE?

We’d love to give you a straight answer here if it were easy to do so! The honest truth, and the reason we don’t list pricing on our website, is that no two weddings or events are quite alike…and therefore no two RRE projects are alike. In order to create a personalized proposal for your wedding, we take into account a wide variety of factors, including but not limited to the following:

  • The anticipated headcount
  • The possible destination(s) and location(s)
  • Your overall stylistic and aesthetic preferences and the scope of the project
  • The length of the planning period
  • The date of the wedding
  • Any challenging venue parameters they may exist which limit our team’s access time for setup and installation
  • The level of staffing we anticipate will be needed
  • Your desired budget parameters (after all, our fee will become a line item on that budget and we need to make sure it will work!)

This sounds expensive. Why do I need to hire a full-service firm? 

The simplest answer is this: as with everything in life, you get what you pay for. 

Investing in a full-service approach ultimately protects your investment in every other area of your wedding. You would never pay for top-of-the-line building supplies and then hire a cheap (or partial service) general contractor. Why not? Because that's the one person you have to trust to ensure that everything goes according to plan, ensure the supplies are used appropriately and efficiently, prevent dangerous situations by avoiding unprofessional or inexperienced sub-contractors, give you professional guidance, and ensure that your preferred standard of quality is represented in the finished project...within your budget. We're continually surprised at how often prospective clients sit down with us and tell us that they have already hired an expensive band (who will play for four hours at the wedding, do some limited pre-wedding rehearsing, setup and teardown their equipment and conduct a sound check) yet, they are considering hiring a partial-planning firm to cut costs. Consider this... your band will devote 8-14 hours of time to your wedding and your photographer will likely devote 15-40 hours of time to your wedding. These are certainly essential partners and you should be willing to hire talented people to produce photography and entertainment! On average, our team will devote 400+ hours of time to your wedding and anywhere from 4-8 RRE staff members will be involved. We shouldn't cost the same as your band or your photographer. And if we did...would we really be a good investment, or would we be the cheap general contractor, who promises you the world and delivers nothing but disappointment at a critically important time in your life? If you haven't already, be sure to read some past client testimonials, and you'll hear it from brides, grooms and parents... not just from us. 

What is the average budget of an RRE wedding?

Because each wedding is so unique, there are exceptions to every rule! In the past we have worked on everything from elopements and intimate gatherings for less than 40 guests and large, extravagant celebrations of more than 500. We encourage you to reach out to us to discuss your wedding before you jump to any conclusions! The average budget for a wedding we plan, design and produce tends to fall within a range of $125,000-$250,000. Some are lower, and some are much higher. Looking at a per-guest budget is the most accurate way of pinpointing averages. We typically advise an approximate minimum range of $850 per guest in our client’s overall budgets to ensure that we’re able to do our very best work for each wedding. If in the end, we’re not able to work with you in a full-service capacity, there are likely still some other options for us to collaborate in a creative design capacity through our sister brand, Rebecca Rose Creative.

I don’t need a florist and already have someone else in mind. Can I just hire RRE to plan my wedding?

Aesthetics and design are at the core of our business and heavily shape the way we work with each of our clients. Over the past five+ years, we have found that our very best work is done when we’re serving you as your full creative team, in addition to handling planning and logistics. Our process is unique, unparalleled, tried and true. We refuse to compromise because you don’t deserve anything less than our best. If you feel strongly about working with another florist, we will need to respectfully decline and wish you all the best for a beautiful wedding and an even more beautiful marriage to follow!

I’ve done all the planning and just want day-of coordination. Why doesn’t RRE offer typical “day-of” or “month-of” coordination packages?

RRE is exclusively a full-service planning, design and production studio. In order to do our jobs well, when our team manages your wedding day, we need to know every single detail about every single thing. This is not something that can be accomplished in a day or even in a month. We believe you deserve nothing but our very best and that’s why we don’t ever want to compromise our tried and true process! In some limited circumstances, our team at Rebecca Rose Creative will provide a la carte event day management services and we invite you to inquire there separately. 

I don't live in Winston-Salem or even in North Carolina. Can we still work together? 

Absolutely! In fact, about 90% of our clients live out-of-state, whether they're planning a destination wedding in another location or planning one here in North Carolina. We're accustomed to serving clients from a distance, so please don't let this worry you one bit. 

I’m not sure that full-service planning/design is right for me. Can I book a consulting session first and then decide whether to proceed after that?

If you are not sure our full-service option is best for you, we absolutely encourage you to book a creative session! We’ll give you all the ideas/tools you need to pull things off on your own and if you decide you want more, we’ll be glad to help. To learn more about our full-day creative sessions, visit Rebecca Rose Creative.

I work during the week...is it possible to book my planning/creative sessions on the weekends?

Planning/design sessions may be booked on Tuesday-Friday pending mutual availability. We understand that you may be balancing a school and/or work schedule and will make every effort to accommodate your request. However, please understand that we handle event design and production, as well as editorial work many weekends out of the year and on the few that we have off we must reserve for client photo shoots, preliminary consultations and the occasional (needed!) day of rest. That said, it is one of our highest priorities to ensure that your planning process is enjoyable and easy! We will always work with you to develop a meeting schedule that best serves your needs.

What is your billing policy and when are payments due?

We accept cash, check or credit card payments. All contracts include specific individual payment plans. A 25-40% retainer fee is due upon booking, depending upon the full length of your planning period. All materials (such as flowers, paper, linens, candles, etc.) will be billed separately upon confirmation of each order.