1. Spark of Imagination

The process begins with the two of you. You bring your hopes, dreams (and fears!), wishes, and ideas to the table and we’ll help kindle a little spark that begins the planning and design process.

2. Creative Process

At RRE we know that even the most meticulously planned events fall flat if proper attention isn’t paid to aesthetics. We’re thinking about the entire sensory experience you’ll present to your guests to create the most memorable experience.

3. Logistical Preparation

Lots of behind-the-scenes grunt work, good ole’ fashioned elbow grease, anticipation and planning of thousands of details. Emails, phone calls, meetings, and collaboration with some of the very best creative partners and talent our industry has to offer. On average, our team devotes 400+ hours to each wedding throughout the process.

4. Wedding Day Production

You enjoy every single moment of the most amazing wedding you ever imagined.  We’ll take care of everything, and it’s our profound privilege and honor to do so for you. Cheers to that!