To Our 2014 Summer Interns


Dear Grayson, Mollie, Katie and Rachael, The middle of August is here and just like that, another summer has come and gone.  It seems like just yesterday, four eager young women entered our studio with big smiles and anxious eyes. You each listened carefully as we reviewed what to expect for the summer. We watched you work hard and jump feet first into a very busy wedding season. You had us smiling and laughing with each step you took. 


We won't forget the time you decided to trade your designer footwear for a comfy pair of flats on event day.  Or the time we saw you drinking water during set-up, like a runner preparing for a race.  You made us proud the first time we watched you delicately adjust the bows on the flower girl’s dress and the time you helped the bride's grandmother to her seat. Nothing warmed our hearts more than to watch you grow more confident and stand just a little taller with each event.

Katie, Grayson, Rachael and Mollie  - we are so proud of you!   It was such a joy to share a peek into our lives, business and passions. We are thrilled to know that you too have recognized your place in this crazy world that we love so much. In parting, we choose not to say goodbye, but rather to say… see you again soon.  You are an incredibly smart, talented group of young ladies who have a very bright future ahead. We can't wait to hear about your many successes along your individual journeys ahead!


Betsy, Becca + Cabell