The RRE Student Internship Program

It's about that time again... time to select our summer interns! Before sharing the application details, I want to share a little bit from our current spring semester intern, Jennie!

Now that you're over halfway through your internship, is there anything that surprised you?

Before taking this internship I had had previous experience in the event world, and I worked for other event planners back home. Because I had that experience there wasn’t much that surprised me coming into this internship.  If anything, it would be all the behind the scenes work that is done by the team at the RRE studio. From printing labels, assembling invitations, cutting ribbon, the endless phone calls and emails, and attention to detail. I knew that planning a wedding was time consuming, but I had never been a part of this kind of behind the scenes work before and it really took me by surprise.

I think this observation is a really great one. Jennie's right... our interns are exposed to every last bit of nitty-gritty detail work that goes into producing a wedding or social event. Since RRE is a full-service creative studio, our interns ultimately get to participate in and learn about even more facets of the wedding industry than just planning and coordination, including event/floral design, graphic design and print production, and so much more. It's an incredibly comprehensive look at all of the work required to really make things come together. 

What advice or insight would you share with a student considering an internship at RRE?

My advice would be to be prepared for anything.  One day you might be in the studio, dressed all nice working on invitations, and then the next you are in the company storage area, sitting on a blanket and removing stickers from new inventory items that need to be prepped for an upcoming wedding. No day is ever the same as the another! Having a good attitude and great work ethic is a must!

Poor Jennie! A few weeks ago, we received a shipment of two huge pallets full of boxes of vases, candle vessels, etc. There are literally multiple hundreds of pieces. As we prepare to take many of these vessels and props with us to the next couple of destination wedding, it's imperative that all of them are unpacked, checked to make sure there is no breakage from the shipping process, and stickers removed. That might seem like a mundane task, but it's so incredibly important! If we were to arrive at our destination and start preparing to set up for the wedding without having first reviewed and prepped that new inventory, we would have a complete disaster on our hands. Our interns don't do anything that any of the rest of us don't also do, and that's important because it helps us ensure that our students are exposed to the parts of this job that aren't so glamorous (like sitting in a storage space pulling stickers off)! 

Do you plan to continue to pursue a career in special events after you graduate? 

I absolutely plan to stay in the special events industry after graduation. I love every aspect of this industry and can’t imagine not having special events be a part of my life in some way or another. This internship has been a blast and I have learned so much from the amazing Rebecca Rose team.

Are you or anyone you know a college student considering a possible career in weddings and/or social events? I strongly encourage you to consider our internship program this summer. Check back tomorrow as Betsy shares application details!