Things That Might Surprise You About Our Team!

No more introduction needed... the title is enough! 

1.     Nicknames

Betsy was the one that started giving us all nicknames and things have just spiraled from there! The longest withstanding ones are B-Rose (Becca) and B-Unit (Me… although I still don’t fully understand this one) and KJ (for Kristin!)

2.     Spontaneous fun stuff

Spontaneity in itself being surprising, sometimes we even surprise ourselves! Just last week we had an office Easter Egg hunt! Nothing is much more surprising than opening the microwave and finding an egg in there. (We left to space untouched!)

3.     The amount of coffee we consume

This might not actually come as a surprise if you’ve read our previous blog posts, but really… it’s a lot.

4.     A lot of you may know this, but our studio space in Reynolda Village used to have a doggie bakery in it and because of that we actually have an oven in our kitchen!

Actually, we have two ovens, which serve perfectly in the event you need to bake emergency lasagna. (You’d be surprised!)

5.     No jokes allowed!

Ha! Totally kidding…. We are the goofiest bunch of ladies you ever met. Honestly, spend three minutes in our studio and see if one of us doesn’t spontaneously burst out in song (or dance) or make a joke about something. We laugh a lot. Professionalism and time management is important and we all take our jobs seriously, of course, but who says we can’t have fun while we do it?

6.     The amount of hours put towards our weddings and serving our clients

When we say we put upwards of 400 hours into each of our full-service weddings, that is no exaggeration. Our team is constantly moving, working, creating, and thinking about what’s best for each of our clients as individuals.

This doesn’t just apply to our full-service clients, either. We treat a small stationery order with the same attention to detail and quality control as we would put into a full-service 400-person wedding.

7.     What our studio looks like during event weeks

When an event is approaching, the week before is all hands on deck! Our studio in full production mode is nothing short of a small (yet very productive) storm. Welcome boxes cover our work tables, linen swatches, and small vignettes of place settings are on every corner, escort cards and place cards are laid out in mid-assembly. Each of us has a task and we work together like (pardon the typical metaphor) a well-oiled machine. What might look messy to the outside world is a productive design, and assembly space to us!

8.     We actually are friends!

What’s more of a bonding experience than spending three hours putting on custom water bottle labels, assembling 80 welcome boxes, or traveling together for a destination wedding? We have the type of works that allows us to get to know one another. We really do care about each other, offer support, and like one another! We share the same sense of gratitude and fulfillment when we see all of our work was worth it for the beaming couple on the wedding day, and there’s something so special about that!

We also have the type of work that forces us to fully trust and depend on one another, because each of us has her own task that is an integral piece of the big picture. Everything we do (even the things we do separately) all come together into one final product – a successful and awesome event. Our jobs are basically one long trust exercise and we become friends quickly.

Til next time,