Destination Weddings

Since joining the team, this past winter, I have now had the pleasure of working two amazing destination weddings with Rebecca Rose Events. While the weddings are always absolutely beautiful, the work leading up to the weddings is a bit crazy. I am going to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what a destination wedding week with Rebecca Rose looks like.

First, I will start by saying that destination weddings are VERY HARD WORK. If you have ever followed our Instagram account for behind-the-scenes sneak peeks while we are away, you have seen a bit of the craziness, but what you don’t see is the round-the-clock hustle of each and every single one of our team members.

For destination weddings, we typically arrive at the destination five days before the wedding day. This gives us a chance to set up a mobile office, prepare for large floral product deliveries, and get set up and ready for the week ahead. If we're traveling to a location within reasonable driving distance, we pack up a full cargo van with anything and everything we might need for the week.

Each day leading up to the wedding day is filled to the brim with floral processing, guest welcome gift deliveries, vendor meetings, and random errands around town. We all work hard from sun up to sun down (and well past that) in order to produce the perfect wedding day for our clients.

While it is hard work, we make sure to have some fun as well! Whether it is a late night ice cream run, impromptu dance party, or a mid-day coffee pick-me-up, we make sure to keep smiling and laughing throughout the entire week. Even though it is hard work, I wouldn’t change the experience of a destination wedding for anything!