Partnership Series | Working with a Calligrapher

If you’ve followed us for even a short time on Instagram or here on our blog, chances are pretty good that you’ve seen some of Carole Murray’s beautiful work. Carole’s business is called Calligraphy by Carole and we have worked with her multiple times on all sorts of beautiful projects!

I had the chance to chat with her a little bit about her business and would like to give you some insight into this awesome process!

What do you love most about being a calligrapher for special events?

Carole: Without a doubt, all of the kind people I have met along the way! All of my clients are usually celebrating something, so to be a part of their special occasions is such a gift. I’m also grateful for all the talented vendor-friends I get to collaborate with - event planners, florists, photographers and stationers. I really do love my job!

You've calligraphed magnolia leaves, smooth rocks, and lots of other materials other than paper. What is your favorite mixed-media project to work on so far? 

Carole: You guys have given me the most creative opportunities – fruit, acrylic place cards, and boxes that hold beautiful invitations. I think writing on the fruit was my favorite so far. It was a fall wedding, rich with jewel tones and the end result was stunning!

See more from the wedding she mentions over here! Photography by Perry Vaile, as originally seen in Bridal Guide magazine. 

How long have you been doing calligraphy and how did you learn it?

Carole: I did my own wedding invitations 31 years ago and have played around with calligraphy and handlettering for years. I’ve also taken several classes. When we moved to Winston-Salem in 1994, my mother-in-law connected me with a friend to do her daughter’s wedding invitation envelopes. It was over 300 envelopes – inner & outer. That jump-started my little biz and I haven’t looked back since! 

Your business offers options for things even outside of envelopes and place cards and things that are classically calligraphed. What is something you have worked on that people might not expect? 

Carole: UNC-Chapel Hill called me last year to write on a large lightboard for their Office for Online Learning. I created a holiday greeting and then wrote on the board with fluorescent dry erase markers. The whole thing was video recorded, so they could share it with their staff, clients, etc.

What is a special project on your wish list? 

Carole: I would love to start teaching classes! As the world becomes more digital, penmanship is becoming a lost art that we need to revitalize. Handwriting is not going away, so we might as well make it beautiful!


Working with Carole is always a pleasure and her work is guaranteed to be stunning! Thanks, Carole, for giving us more insight into what you do and thanks for being awesome!

~Til next time,


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