Three Reasons You Should Attend a Wedding Industry Workshop If You're a Planner or Designer

1. Attending a workshop forces you to give the content your full attention.

Have you ever bought a course or signed up for a webinar, only to find your mind wandering back to your to-do list, your eyes scanning your inbox, and your attention diverting to anything and everything else but the educational opportunity sitting right in front of you? *Clears throat and raises hand*

There’s an unmistakable advantage to being in a face-to-face workshop environment when it comes to how well you can maintain focus. When you’re looking a speaker in the eyes, you’re so much more likely to hang on their every word and actually You’ll take notes, and you’ll ask questions. You’ll absorb knowledge in a way that it’s often hard to do with distractions around you.

Don’t get us wrong… we’re not against online education. It can be a game-changer for sure. But whenever possible, it’s worth taking the leap to invest in a workshop experience.

2. Its pays off to invest in relationships.

When you attend a workshop, not only do you make personal connections with the people who will speak, teach, and pour into you in terms of sharing their knowledge, but you also spend time with the other attendees. Think about that for a moment. Those other attendees are growing their business just like you are, and months/years from now, they may be making major waves in the industry. Do you want to just follow them on social media? Or do you want to know them on a deeper level? Do you want to have to send the vague intro email that starts with “you don’t know me, but…” or just pick up the phone to give them a call or shoot them a text message because your details are already in their contact list?

wedding planner education.jpg

It’s invaluable to form relationships with the people who can mentor you, support you, proofread for you, refer business to you, and possibly become lifelong friends who share similar goals.

Relationships are everything in this world… especially to a small creative business owner, and especially in the wedding industry, where referrals can make or break you.


If you’re anything like many of us, you know that this work is hard. It can be incredible and creatively fulfilling, but sometimes the hours are long, and no “work smarter, not harder” gimmick or strategy can erase that truth. Though we hope you aren’t burning the candle at both ends 24/7, we know that if you’re planning or designing weddings and working onsite on the event day, you’re tired.

In a business that demands sharpness from your creative muscles, you need to listen to your body, mind, and spirit.

Pencil in time to take vacation and do it. But also - pencil in time to attend a workshop and do that. Because a workshop will feel like a retreat, and you can step out of your own workspace into another city/state/country/space that is fresh. And sometimes being in a fresh new space is all it takes to be able to breathe deeply, rejuvenate your creative muscles, and let the wheels turn to rev you back up for future success.

Now, you’ve read this and you’re undoubtedly mulling over some opportunities. You know there’s a workshop experience that’s right for you, and maybe it’s been a while since you’ve attended one - or maybe you never have.

Here’s the thing:

The fortune is in the follow-up.

Follow up on the commitment you’ve made to yourself and your business. You’re the only one who can invest in yourself, and the return on that investment may be truly life-changing.

~ Becca & Betsy

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