Behind the Scenes | Assembly Hacks

Hi guys!

As a lot of you already know, we do a ton of custom stationery work for clients, both as part of our comprehensive design process, and as a la carte projects through our little sister brand, Rebecca Rose Creative. Assembly is always a large part of my job because I work on so many special and custom projects for our Rebecca Rose Creative clients. 

This assembly can include anything from escort cards to programs to invitation suites or various custom labels and place cards, but one of our staple activities for assembly is lining envelopes.

We have used everything we can think of for our assembly, including glue dots, glue sticks, adhesive envelope sealers, you name it, and the single thing that we have found to be most helpful is (drumroll, please!) good ole' double-sided tape! 

You might have heard us mention Gus or Mildred a couple times. No lie, these are our tape dispensers. They have literally become such important presences in our office that they required names. When we got Mildred, it was really like adding another member to our Rebecca Rose family.

Gus and Mildred are our biggest assembly hacks and certainly are invaluable while we are working on a big suite. There are a few other things used for assembly as well.

As you can probably imagine, we do a lot of mailings for clients and this involves closing and sealing a lot of envelopes. A LOT. Like, we could probably build a tiny house out of all the envelopes we mail out in a busy season. We’ve used a lot of little tools to help us with this but, ultimately, nothing works better than just licking them the old fashioned way.

Basic assembly hack: simplicity is the key and less is definitely more! Sometimes the old fashioned original way of doing things is best (hence the classic beauty of things like wax seals on envelopes!)

Well, there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this little tidbit on our assembly process!

‘Til next time,