Our Favorite Team Resources

I think one of the most important aspects of any successful business is organization. While there are thousands of wonderful resources out there that help businesses of all kinds, it is important to find the ones that are going to work best for you and help you stay organized. I am going to share with you some of the resources that we here at RRE love and have found the most helpful.

The first resource that we use on a daily basis is Dropbox. This is how we save our documents and files. This allows each of us to access the files from anywhere, whether from our desktops, laptops, or smart phones. For example, our graphic designers work remotely, and since they're not able to be in the studio every day, it's so helpful to be able to share/view/edit working files and artwork. Dropbox allows us to all work together to create our clients' paper details rather rely solely on emails with massive size file attachments.

The RRE team is on the road often. Dropbox becomes essential in these scenarios since we need to have access to all contracts and documents while out of the studio. If we were to only keep paper trails of all of our files and contracts, we would not have access to them remotely. This allows our staff to continue working on things in the studio even if others are on a site visit, meeting a client, or out of town at a destination wedding.

Our newest favorite resource is Trello. We just recently adopted this little tool into our arsenal, but it has quickly become a favorite!! Trello is a collaborative tool that allows you to organize your projects. You are able to assign tasks to specific users, set due dates for certain items, add attachments, and create to-do lists for projects. The best part of this tool is that anyone is able to edit each item, allowing this to be completely interactive. It has almost eliminated paper to-do lists in the studio entirely. (Although I will always miss the feeling of accomplishment when I can physically check something off my to-do list)

While those are some of our favorite professional resources, we do also have a few fun resources that we love.  Social media will always have our heart. Instagram is our all-time favorite, but we recently got back into the Twitter game. It’s always so nice to connect with industry partners, fellow entrepreneurs, and past, current, and future clients – there’s just nothing that can replace that. And to top it all off, it’s FREE! So we’ll keep using Dropbox and Trello behind the scenes, which in turn allows us to create beautiful events for our clients, which becomes the fun content we get to share with you on social media! So follow along on twitter (@rroseevents, @rrebetsy, @rre_becca, @rre_kristin, and @rrebrittany) and Instagram (@rroseevents and our sister brand, @rrosecreative) for lots of fun behind the scenes looks at the life of the RRE team!