Candy, candy, candy! Happy Halloween!


I know, I know, I shouldn’t start a blog post just to scare you… but it is Halloween, after all.

Halloween is fun for a hundred reasons, but my personal favorite is the surplus of chocolate all over the place. In honor of this aspect of Halloween, let’s dive into the ways we love to celebrate this aspect of the holiday and (drumroll…) what it says about us!

Brittany (Me!)

It’s hard for me to narrow down my favorite type of chocolate because if something is chocolate, it’s already my favorite. Even so, if I could only eat one chocolate candy for the rest of my life it would be a Reese’s Pumpkin. My love for these is deep. It’s the trust of true loves.

When I’m feeling a little fancier (for a chocolate I can eat with my pinkies out) I opt for Ghirardelli Sea Salt Soiree – dark chocolate with tiny almond pieces and sea salt. Bliss.

What this says about me: I’m a fun-loving person for liking my chocolate in fun shapes. Holiday Reese’s are the dinosaur chicken nuggets of the chocolate world.

Kasey Poly Photography

Kasey Poly Photography


Becca truly understands the beauty of a Reese’s pumpkin/egg/tree and very intelligently stated that there is no greater candy in all the land. It’s just an objective thing, y’all. These seasonal Reese’s are the quickest way to the heart.

Becca’s close second choice for chocolate is a KitKat or Nestle Crunch Bar. As for a non-chocolate choice, she loves Sour Patch Kids (especially the red and blue flavors!)

What all this says about Becca: She’s obviously a genius for agreeing that Reese’s pumpkins are the best in the world! Also, she likes a lot of different candies, which can only mean one thing: she’s sweet!


Betsy understands the real magic of chocolate and says she’s never met a chocolate she didn’t like… She’s adventurous and even likes chocolate with jalapeno or cayenne pepper. Her go-to chocolate, though, is anything with caramel.

It all makes sense! Betsy is quick on her feet and good at figuring out what to do in “sticky situations…” (You know, like caramel…) so this is fitting! :D Also, she’s super fun and so is spicy chocolate.


I’m not sure our KJ is much of a chocolate person. Don’t judge her for this folks; she’s actually a really nice person.  

Kristin’s all-time favorite candy is Sour Patch Kids, which is fitting because she’s kind of a Sour Patch Kid herself – first she’s sour, then she’s sweet. Just kidding… Kristin is always just awesome. She’s really just more of an Awesome Patch Kid than anything.  

P.S. Kristin actually does like chocolate… the darker the better!

I hope you all enjoyed learning a little bit more about us and are enjoying some chocolate (or some other favorite candy) today! Happy Halloween!

‘Til next time,