Meet Brittany (Outside of Work!)

Hi, y’all!

graduation doodle.jpg

If you’ve been following our blog for some time you probably know a little bit about me already. The basics are: I’m the studio manager here at Rebecca Rose, I have two bachelor degrees (one in English and another in Communication Studies) and graduated May 2016 from UNCG (REPRESENT THE G!) :D I am a Christian, avid coffee enthusiast, writer, animal lover, and a creator of some pretty savage doodles. (Here’s my grad cap from last year!) I am the Mama to the two cutest cats you’ve ever seen (or at least read about in a blog post) named George Washington (Bobo) and Binkey. My all-time favorite animal is anything feline, although I also have a strong love for alpacas and giraffes. (I will seriously tear up if one is too close to me.)

I really like to knit, but I only do that in wintertime. (I’m also really hot natured and the thought of touching yarn in the summertime makes me want to cry.)

Since I’ve mentioned crying twice in the last 30 seconds, I might as well go ahead and let you know that I cry at everything. I’m almost embarrassed to watch movies in front of people. If you give me a sweet card, my eyes water (“It’s allergies, obviously!”) I saw a video on Facebook where someone made a tiny wheelchair for a baby turtle and you don’t even know what it did to me. I have a very open soul and wear my heart on my sleeve. 

Speaking of watching movies, can this be considered a hobby if you do it enough? If so, then this is one of my hobbies for sure.

I really love to do pilates, but I’ve gotten out of it recently! (Starting a routine again this week!)

I LOVE music! I was a proud band geek in high school (first chair flute) and might have kept it up if it was easier to find a band to play a flute in. For now, I settle on listening to good music instead of making it. My absolute favorite music has a kind of ethereal electronic sound, preferably containing 80s-inspired sounds and percussion. I think “smooth electronic” is the best genre to explain it. My current jam on repeat is “Somebody Else” by The 1975.

My secret talents include the uncanny ability to find four-leaf clovers, very convincing Russian and Brooklyn accents, making perfume, eating ice cream quickly without getting a brain freeze, and losing all my bobby pins. I can also type 70 words per minute if I try really hard, but my norm is about 50.

I love to sing, but doing so in front of people is the scariest thing I can possibly imagine. I do love to be in front of a crowd though (only child syndrome or something…)

Whenever I have helium balloons left over from a party, event, or anything like that, I always tie an encouraging Bible verse to each one and let it go.

Well, folks, I guess that’s about it! I hope you enjoyed this post and learning a little bit more about me. I hope to be able to meet you someday! :)

 ‘Til next time,