Meet Devin!

Today we're introducing another one of our talented event production assistants, Devin! I've asked her to write a bit about herself so we could share it here. Enjoy getting to know her! Special thanks to Lauren Jolly for these beautiful photos! ~Becca

Hey y’all! I’m Devin!

I am a recent graduate of East Carolina University (go pirates!) with a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management, a concentration in conventions and special events, and a minor in business. The last time you heard from me, I was finishing up my 2016 summer internship here at Rebecca Rose Events. When I started this crazy journey, I had my eyes set on being a wedding planner because I am a self-diagnosed hopeless romantic. I think there is no greater joy then helping a bride marry her best friend.

What I do:

Since my internship last summer, I have worked with the team on many different weddings. I assist by doing anything and everything that is asked of me! I do a wide range of things from assembly of paper products such as invitations, menus, and escort cards to event day production tasks such as folding napkins, setting the tables, organizing our inventory, and cleaning up after our team. You can also find me in the studio sometimes on Saturdays. I love being a part of the logistics team, and seeing every single detail come together on event days.

What I love:

A few things I love include snuggling up with a good book and even better coffee, a full day to binge watch movies in my pajamas, Saturday morning coffee and trashy tv with my mom, and lunch with family on Sundays after church. I also love my sweet fiancé and best friend, Greg. He’s one of the reasons there’s always a huge smile on my face. Other reasons for this smile include my crazy, one of a kind family and life-long best friends.

Becca: Devin is getting married this fall and we're so tickled pink to be dreaming, scheming, and planning for and with one of our own! I asked her to share some insight about what she has learned as she walks in our clients' shoes.

Devin: I’ve learned so much on the other side! One thing I’ve learned is that it's okay for me to slow down! When I first got engaged, I hit the ground running. I had my budget and guest list done before the weekend was even over. I have had to be told multiple times by both Becca and Betsy to slow down because we have plenty of time. They are so right. We have plenty of time, and I need to slow down and enjoy this wonderful phase of mine and Greg’s relationship. Another thing I learned was that it is so important to prioritize. I had to decide what is most important to me, and that was what I would be okay with splurging on. For me, photography was the most important. I want the most beautiful pictures, so that Greg and I can look back on our special day for many years to come. Maybe one day I’ll be looking back at these pictures with my daughter and laugh at the wedding trends from back in the day, i.e. laughing with my mom about poufy 80s bridesmaid’s dresses.

Becca:  Now that you've assisted the RRE team with so many weddings and events, what would you say is your favorite part of event production? 

Devin: I love seeing every little detail come together on an event day. Event days are hard work; we get up very early to put these details together and we don’t stop moving until the venue is all clean after the wedding. My absolute favorite part of the day is when the bride and groom, along with their parents, get to see the reception space for the first time. Most of the time, the bride has dreamt of this exact moment since she was a little girl, and seeing the bride tearfully say thank you, suddenly makes all the stress and hard work melt away.