What Our Coffee Says About Us

If you’ve been following any of us on Twitter, read through our bios or seen our blog posts, you’ll know we are no strangers to coffee. In fact, this beautiful, caffeinated (decaf is a sin), delicious drink is our ambrosia and nectar. It’s our best friend that never lets us down. It fuels our busy days and soothes the soul. Needless to say, we take it pretty seriously.

In the truest spirit of friendship, one of the first things I do when clients and visitors come in our studio is offer them a cup of coffee, and sometimes I do this for our team members as well. That being said, I know how everyone takes their coffee and I was thinking it might be fun to say what I think our coffee preferences reveal about our personalities.


Betsy drinks her coffee black, like her soul. Totally kidding!! Betsy is one of the sweetest, silliest people I’ve ever met. If anything, she takes her coffee black because she’s tough and never seems to meet a challenge she can’t handle. You can always depend on her to have your back, to be impressively resourceful, but also to make you laugh!

In the afternoon she likes to add a little bit of creamer to her coffee. Sometimes she gets a little goofy (even breaking out and serenading us with a random song) in the afternoon and I think her change in coffee preference definitely reflects not only how hardworking but how fun she is!

Nancy Ray Photography

Nancy Ray Photography


Becca drinks her coffee black and she drinks it all day, everyday. Her favorite flavor is hazelnut and not much makes her happier than a fresh cup of good hazelnut coffee (hot or iced!) especially from Dunkin Donuts. (Becca’s insider tip: you must order unsweetened hazelnut or they will add sweetener.)

Becca is incredibly creative, kind, and is just an overall lovely person. Quick to smile and generous with compliments, I think her taste in coffee reflects her sweetness (she has enough of it without having to add it to her coffee!)


Kristin also drinks coffee all day, regardless of the time. Her first cup is black. With Kristin, what you see is what you get: witty, kind, and supportive. Her coffee is simple because it reflects just how simply awesome she is!!

In the afternoon she adds creamer, representative of her loosening up a bit and never disappointing with her lightning quick wit! She will always prefer a mug over a to-go cup, and this definitely reflects how comfortable and “at home” she makes you feel.

Intern Jennie

Jennie doesn’t really drink coffee (egad!) but we are slowly wearing her down to the dark (roast) side. When she does drink coffee, it is either caramel flavored (if hot) or vanilla and caramel (if iced). She typically drinks black tea with honey, which is hardly a substitute for coffee, but I won’t give her too hard a time over it.

Lauren Jolly Photography

Lauren Jolly Photography

Jennie is just adorable. Pick-her-up-and-put-her-in-your-pocket adorable. I think her preference for tea and very sweet coffee show how light and bubbly her personality is!

Brittany (Me!)

As for myself, I drink coffee any time of the time of the day and openly consider myself a coffee snob, a connoisseur of the world’s finest beverage. My spirit animal is the coffee bean (or a squirrel, after too much coffee…)

That being said, I’m very picky with my coffee. It has to be strong and made with filtered water. (This matters, y’all…) My favorite flavored coffee is blueberry (don’t knock it til you tried it… it tastes like liquid muffins) but I’ll happily take a good house blend any day. Discussing creamer with me almost becomes political, and the only creamer I’ll use is Coldstone Creamery’s Sweet Cream.

I’m the only one of our group that never drinks black coffee, and even the creamer I use is pre-sweetened a little. Not sure what this says about me (maybe that I’m a weinie?) unless it just reflects how genuinely goofy I am. I make silly comments all the time and always have a story to tell. I love to laugh and lucky for me I’m around people who make me do it often! :D

‘Til next time!!