Let's Talk about Teamwork

Rebecca Rose is a business built on teamwork. Each one of our team members plays such a crucial role in the success of our company. Whether a team member is in the studio with us day in and day out, or doesn't join us until the wedding day, it is so important that we work as a team in order to make all the final details come together. We count on each of the wonderful women that work with us to perform different tasks on the wedding day.

When we are in the studio on a daily basis as a smaller full-time team, we will work with vendors, our clients, and each other to put all the details together in a way that makes sense to our larger team. Vast amounts of information and details are put together and used on event day to guide the onsite production process and design execution. Without that larger team there with us on the event day, it would be impossible for everything to get done! 

For a destination wedding, there are so many little things that have to get done throughout the wedding week while we are onsite, so we often rely on a team of up to 8 or 9 people to make it happen. We usually have our team split fairly evenly between florals and logistics. The floral team spends the bulk of their time doing (you guessed it) floral design. They work tirelessly to make the bouquets and beautiful arrangements that adorn the guest tables, cocktail tables, stage backdrops, and every nook and cranny of the venue. They are the team that makes our events beautiful!

We also have the logistics team. We are the ones that run around like crazy during the wedding week running all kinds of errands. Whether it is dropping off welcome boxes to local hotels, picking up details from the family of the bride or groom, or just doing the grocery shopping for the week, we are typically out and about from sun up to sun down. We are the ones that make sure the timeline stays on track and that if anything goes wrong (and at least one little something almost always does!), no one but our team knows about it.

Without these two integral teams, our business model would not be a success. We cannot have one without the other. While our roles may overlap from time to time (picture all 8 of us in the kitchen of a rental house processing 500 pounds of flowers!), our staff is trained to run like a well-oiled machine on event day. Everyone knows their role and everyone is exceptional at it!