Rebecca Rose Events vs. Rebecca Rose Creative

As many of you know, we officially launched our little sister brand, Rebecca Rose Creative, in January of 2015. Over the past fourteen months, RRC has organically grown exactly as we had hoped it would. For those of you who are unsure about the difference between Rebecca Rose Creative (RRC) and Rebecca Rose Events (RRE),  I'd like to explain both brands in this blog post today!

Simply put, RRC is all about aesthetics! Over the years, we have received so many calls, emails and website inquiries from people who say something to the effect of "I think your work is so beautiful and would really love to work with Rebecca Rose Events... are you available for day-of wedding coordination?" 

Those kind messages and inquiries are so flattering and bring joy to our hearts, but there's one big problem. The sender of such a message is responding to an aesthetic cue (your work is so beautiful) but asking for a service (related only to coordination/logistics) that has precisely nothing to due with aesthetics. Since RRE is exclusively a full-service planning and design firm, we are not able to accept day-of coordination bookings for weddings. That said, the more we thought about it...the more we realized there was a way for our team to work with people who are saying "your work is so beautiful". We understand that the cost of our full-service approach does not work for everyone's budget, and therefore RRC was born to deliver a la carte design services! 

All RRE clients automatically enjoy the full array of RRC services as part of our comprehensive creative process that accompanies our event planning approach. For those who are seeking services less comprehensive in scope, or a la carte services only, Rebecca Rose Creative is a great option! 

Perry Vaile Photography

Perry Vaile Photography

The RRC team is proud to provide fresh floral design for weddings, corporate and social events. Our RRC clients have the option to book floral design services independently as an a la carte service option, or as part of broader event design and creative direction services. Anyone booking full creative direction services enjoys the same process we employ for our RRE clients...minus the planning/logistics/coordination! 

Lucy Cuneo Photography

Lucy Cuneo Photography

Perhaps the most popular a la carte option provided by our RRC team, is custom graphic design for wedding and social event stationery. Our creative team is proud to work with brides, grooms, other event planners, and many others to develop unique paper goods that are designed around individual preferences and priorities. Below, a boxed wedding invitation suite and welcome gift box for hotel guests are shown. These pieces represent a few of many that were created for one of our RRE weddings by the RRC design team. Thanks to Perry Vaile Photography for the pretty images! 

Some clients are seeking a little guidance throughout their planning process but aren't interested in a full-service approach. To serve this need, we developed our full-day creative sessions or the "Design-In-a-Day" program. So many have found this to be a wonderful way to kickstart their planning process. I could write an entire post on the virtues of this session (it's also a version of how we start the planning process for our full-service clients here at RRE!) but I'll save that for another day. In the meantime...head over to the RRC website to check out the details here

We've got so much more in store for the RRC brand over the coming year and can't wait to share some exciting announcements very soon. If you'd like to be the first to know, be sure to sign up for our mailing list receive our RRE/RRC monthly newsletter. 

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XOXO, Becca

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