Did you see the news? Last week we announced that we'll be moving into our new design studio space in Reynolda Village.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the many calls, emails and texts congratulating us and cheering us on along the way.  We couldn't be any more excited!

This weekend kicked off the official start to our #RRCbrickandmortar #studiorenovation.  If you follow my personal Instagram account (@betzkrug), you are probably quite familiar with the never-ending project that is my home renovation. Well, Jack and I took a break from our house and headed to Reynolda Village for some demo work.... And so the games begin! In order to make way for the new, you've got to get rid of the old!

As Jack and I were tearing out cabinets, scraping walls, sweating and maybe swearing a little, I couldn't help but laugh.  Becca and I are constantly renovating! Albeit we may not be physically building or demolishing, we are constantly evaluating what works best in our business and making adjustments... renovating! 

Last year, at the end of our studio lease, we made a huge leap, decided not to renew the lease, and moved our business operation to home office spaces. We are well aware that there were plenty of people who thought we were crazy.  And you know what, that's okay. Our move was just what we needed to evaluate our needs, determine our key drivers and plan for our growth.  We are so thrilled we made that move because it was exactly what we needed and gave us the flexibility to be able to move into our dream location when it became available. It's still feels like a dream that we'll be opening doors by the end of summer!

The status quo will never be enough for us, and we'd rather people laugh behind our backs than settle just because we're afraid of what others will think. Our approach to our business is the same as our approach to our client's events. We aren't looking to regurgitate someone else's event from Pinterest and we aren't looking to replicate someone else's business model.  Becca and I create our own model and continue to change each and every day because quite frankly, settling would be just too unadventurous for us!  So we renovate and renovate and renovate again to better ourselves and our team each time. 

If you or someone you know is just crazy enough to believe the same things we do, we'd love to hear from you! We are currently hiring a studio manager and can't wait to find someone to join us on this constant renovation journey.  Our world is filled with so much passion and we both feel so incredibly lucky to wake up each day to do what we love.  We can't wait to start each work morning in beautiful Reynolda Village!

On Thursday I'll be sharing thoughts on my favorite topic, office organization!  Things are getting real, as we've got a whole new amazing design studio to get organized.... Be still my heart!

Cheers to a new week, new beginnings and many renovations to come!