Student Mentorship

Hey y’all!

It’s finally time: Jennie (our student intern this past semester) has graduated! Though we were sad to say goodbye to her last week, we are all so excited for her as she begins this new chapter in her life! The world is your oyster, Jennie! Cheers to you!

Having an intern in the office is wonderful for so many reasons and not just for having an extra pair of hands during event prep (however greatly appreciated…)

Watching Jennie grow was especially fulfilling for us! I’m not sure how I was personally as a mentor for Jennie, but I did finally get her drinking coffee so I feel like I must have done something right. :D

Jennie went from our new intern to our new, sweet friend pretty quickly. It was great to see her grow and learn and gain some of the tools she needs for her future in this industry.

Coaching her through event prep and our process was special because it not only gave us the ability to help a friend toward reaching her goals, it was a constant reminder of “the basics,” and what it is that makes this company and our services so special : quality and heart.

We all truly give a piece of ourselves in everything we do and give each task the same quality expectations, no matter how big or small. We know these events are some of the most important times in the lives of our clients, so trust us when we say our hearts are in it, too. 

With that, we offer one last big CONGRATS to Jennie!!  Never stop chasing your dreams! : )

Til next time,