A Little Love for our Hometown | The Best Things about Winston-Salem

Growing up in Winston-Salem has been great and I still love living here. This town has so much to offer and so many unique attributes. Here's my list of favorites. 

Home of Krispy Kreme

If any of you know me (or possibly read any number of my past blog posts) there’s a pretty good chance you know about my intense love for donuts. It’s real, y’all. That being said, how fitting is it that I would grow up and live in the place where Krispy Kreme was founded?


Downtown Winston is full of fun shops, small businesses, and restaurants to visit. There are often events downtown and plenty of fun things to stumble upon. One really cool thing about our downtown is the Reynolds building (now the Kimpton Cardinal Hotel!). This building is quite literally a miniature version of the Empire State Building, as our Reynolds Building actually served as the design inspiration for it. Every year the Empire State Building sends a father’s day card to the Reynolds Building. 

Old Salem

Winston and Salem were originally two separate cities and today, right on the outskirts of downtown, you can visit Old Salem. Full of historic charm and a lot of original buildings, Old Salem is an absolutely fascinating part of preserved history. 

Reynolda House and Reynolda Gardens/Historic Parks

We are blessed to have our studio immediately beside this awesome part of Winston-Salem! The entire Reynolda area of Winston-Salem is full of awesome history and incredible beauty and charm! The Reynolda Gardens are a preserved part of the Reynolds estate now dedicated to education. They are a stunning display of agriculture and gardening and always worth a visit.

All photos above by Jake & Heather Photography

All photos above by Jake & Heather Photography

Its no wonder our clients love the gardens for portraits!  The Reynolda House is a quick hop down the street and is a fun place to venture for a tour of the original RJ Reynolds estate.

 BB&T Ballpark

Winston-Salem has it’s own baseball park that hosts games (of course) and other fun local events. This ballpark is the home of our minor league baseball team, The Winston-Salem Dash (named so after the dash in Winston-Salem.)

Salem Lake

Salem Lake is a park in Winston-Salem that has a 365-acre (you guessed it!) lake! There is also a 7-mile walking//bike trail that wraps around the lake. I frequent Salem lake for exercise and for the scenic beauty!  There are also multiple hiking trails that branch off the trail that are always fun to explore. This park also has boats to rent for hanging out on the water and fishing.

What are your favorite things about Winston-Salem? We have even MORE to offer than what I listed; these are just my personal favorite things. J Maybe I’ll see you around our great town some day!

‘Til next time,