Partnership Series | Working with Videographers

We’ve started a series of blog posts a few weeks back about working with different vendors in the industry. This has been such a fun series to work on because we have gotten the chance to highlight a few of our favorite “friendors” (friend vendors) that we have had the chance to work with! This week, I am going to continue the series by talking about videographers!

I had the joy of chatting with Chris and Toni Wheaton from Heart Stone Films based out of Raleigh, NC and Mackenzie Henry from Inkspot Crow Films based out of Asheville, NC. I asked them a few questions to give us a bit of insight into what working with a videographer is like! I hope you enjoy getting a little sneak peek into the minds of a few amazingly talented creatives!

What is it about weddings that excites you most as an artist?

Heart Stone: This is arguably the most important day in this couples' life so far and the opportunity to document this moment and create a film that can be watched and shared for years to come is so exciting for us. Every wedding is as unique and different as each couple and their families, so we enjoy the challenge of telling a fresh and true story for each couple. Beyond that we are excited for couples to use their film as a tool during times both good and bad during their marriage to remember the vows, commitment, and love for each other. 

Inkspot Crow: Our goal is to really evoke emotion through our videos, and weddings are so ripe with emotion!  From joy to passion to an endearing tenderness, we get to capture it all as it truly unfolds. As an artist, there is nothing better than that authentic emotion, paired with beauty, for us to capture. And in capturing that authenticity we get to know people very intimately and that is a special part about what we do. 

What do you wish that wedding planners and/or their clients knew about videography and your services before they reach out to you?

Click on this image to view Caitlin and Davis' beautiful wedding film by Inkspot Crow Films

Click on this image to view Caitlin and Davis' beautiful wedding film by Inkspot Crow Films

Heart Stone: We believe so strongly that memories are priceless and that these moments are fleeting. Planners, clients, etc need to know that this film will become more precious and valuable over time and this is the best way for you to relive your wedding day and let your wedding day live on forever. I mean, how awesome will it be to sit down and watch your wedding film with your kids one day? Or how precious will it be to watch and hear a beloved grandparent on film after they have passed? This is POWERFUL stuff! 

Inkspot Crow: There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into creating the edited films we make for our clients. After the wedding day, we still have 80% of our work ahead of us in editing time (culling through hours of footage, licensing music, selecting audio excerpts, piecing the films together, correcting footage, color grading and exporting). Our studio-time certainly correlates with our pricing. I think some planners and clients are surprised by what we charge and it's often because of a misunderstanding about the finished films they'll be receiving and the work that goes into it. 

What are some misconceptions about videography that you feel many people have?

Heart Stone: The biggest misconception that we hear is that we are like the paparazzi or in your face/space all day. Speaking specifically to our style, we aim for the opposite. We are unobtrusive and maintain a small footprint on the wedding day. We want everyone to feel relaxed and comfortable so we can capture real moments and interactions throughout the wedding day! 

Inkspot Crow: There is an "old school" style of videography that we're all familiar with and probably dislike a lot.  Today you can find really artfully edited wedding films that really match the style of each couple and are snappy enough you'll want to watch them over and over, unlike the long boring videos of yesteryear.

I think another common misconception is that wedding video is obtrusive on the wedding day. I'm sure there are still a few "old school" videographers out there- with their giant camcorder lights and big crews up in your face. We really pride ourselves, as do many of our wedding videographer colleagues, in being unobtrusive, professional and shooting nicely alongside the photographers. This influences our choice of gear, what we wear, how we behave at the ceremony, etc. 

What, from your standpoint, is different about the entire booking process between a client that hires you themselves and someone that has hired a full-service planner/production team? What are some differences you have noticed between these two on a wedding day?

Heart Stone: The word that comes to mind is EASY. Let's be honest, planning a wedding is A LOT of work and very stressful when you compound that with an already busy life schedule. This time should be joyful and fun and that is what a full-service planner/production team can do. They have relationships with vendors and can help couples navigate through who to hire, what questions to ask, etc. in our experience, working with couples who have a full-service planner makes the booking and wedding day experience so easy and stress free for the couple. On a wedding day, a full-service planner makes a tremendous difference. They create a wonderful flow and timeline for the wedding day that allows the couple to relax and enjoy everything, and us and other vendors can focus on doing our best work for the couple!

Inkspot Crow: Many of the weddings we book come to us through the referral of a wedding planner or designer we've worked with before or who has admired our work. Since a planner is typically very familiar with different videographers and their strengths and styles, it's likely they will match their clients up with the best videographer to fit their wedding style and budget. This is pretty crucial for us- to find a good fit.  Whether we are introduced to a couple through a planner or not, we like to connect with each couple before the wedding day (usually via FaceTime) to meet them and hear about their life together, what they are excited about for their upcoming wedding and hear about their families, etc.   

A great planner understands the needs of every vendor so, as the planning process is underway, they can educate their clients on needs that will make our job easier and our work better- such as good lighting at the ceremony or reception site, professional audio and timing of reception events. And a great planner is our lifeline during a wedding weekend! Their timelines and staff keep us organized help us anticipate where we need to focus our efforts/time. In the end, it just results in a better experience for the couple and guests- and makes our work way better!

Click the image above to view Lauren and Emanuel's short highlight film by Heart Stone Films

Click the image above to view Lauren and Emanuel's short highlight film by Heart Stone Films

What is your favorite part of a wedding day?

Heart Stone: The vows. That moment of commitment, of two becoming one, of two families coming together is so special, and there is nothing quite like it. 

Inkspot Crow: Philip would say filming the groom and groomsmen, because it's always a hoot. Seriously- groomsmen have the best time hanging out before a wedding and I know Philip loves getting to observe and film that camaraderie. I'm a big fan of detail shots we use in our film- either of an outdoor area or the place settings or flowers. My favorite part of the day is when I get to step away from the action and film some of the "pretty". And when the cake is served. Because let’s be honest- I always sneak a piece of cake!

What is your favorite part of working with a client?

Heart Stone: We love seeing our clients excitedly share their wedding film on Facebook and Instagram with their friends and family. It is a great feeling knowing that we were able to create something that brings a family so much joy. We have also experienced several clients who, after being married for 3,4,5 years, use their wedding film as a toile for tough times during their marriage. Whether it's travel or distance, a fight, etc they watch their film and it helps them put their situation in perspective, remember their love and commitment, and come closer together. We LOVE that! 

Inkspot Crow: Forming friendships after the wedding day. Unlike some vendors, we don't get to interact with our clients much before the wedding day. We video chat with each couple before the wedding day, and often exchange emails, but otherwise our connection is formed on the weekend of the wedding. After documenting such an intimate time in a family's life, many of our clients become lifelong friends. 

Thanks to the teams at Heart Stone Films and at Ink Spot Crow for creating beautiful videos that couples will cherish for their whole lives!