What Does a Wedding Week Really Look Like at RRE?

Picture this: our work table in the back of our studio covered with programs, escort cards, welcome box goodies, and ribbons; linen racks filled with anywhere from 20 to 50 linens of different colors and sizes; our floral table spilling with gorgeous blooms, greenery, and many different floral vessels. This is just a small glimpse of what our studio looks like on a wedding week. We have multiple deliveries every day, work tirelessly to process flowers and linens, and set up many different assembly lines to put together all the fun paper goods for the wedding. There is never much downtime during a wedding week, and that’s what makes things fun! We are always moving in a hundred directions, prepping floral vessels, and finalizing details with vendors. All this hard work leads up to one magical wedding day.

On the wedding day, our team is typically the first to arrive at the venue and the last to leave. We have a team of anywhere from 3 to 8 people, depending on the scope of the wedding. Everyone arrives knowing exactly what their role will be that day for set up, and we hit the ground running (with the help of lots of coffee, of course). We like to arrive as early as possible in order to get started with set up - and sometimes we're onsite days in advance and not just the morning of the wedding! The majority of our day before guests arrive involves dropping and ironing linens, connecting with vendors as they arrive, setting each table with flawless place settings, and creating floral installations.


Admittedly, if you walked into the room in the midst of our set up, you would probably think it looks like a complete disaster and utter chaos. But believe me, there is a method to our madness. We have a system that we have worked to perfect over the years, and it hasn’t failed us yet.

Once set up is complete, we take a few minutes to change, freshen up, and prepare for the ceremony. Something about putting on a dress and a bit of lipstick always gets me in game mode. I am ready to execute the wedding! Our team typically coordinates the ceremony, so we have to be ready to direct guests, family members, and the wedding party to their correct location when the time is right.

Throughout the reception, you will find out team all over the place. Whether it is talking with the band leader to coordinate the first dance, bustling the bride’s dress, or coordinating where the gifts will go at the end of the evening. We are always on the move and make sure we are at least five steps ahead of the timeline, making sure the cake knife and server are set for the cake cutting, the champagne is on schedule to be poured for the toasts, and the bride and groom have had plenty to eat.

Our favorite thing about every wedding is that it is completely unique from any other wedding we have ever done. Even if it is in the same location as a past wedding with a very similar color palette, each couple puts their own spin on their day with family heirlooms, sentimental music, and special décor. This makes each wedding so special to us and we love the experience of getting to know each couple through the planning process.