The 411 on our new branding: Part 1


Taking a brand you love with all your heart and pushing it to change and grow isn't easy. I learned that very quickly. In the past 10 months, this little brand that grew out of my dreams years ago has seen some HUGE changes. This business is now owned by two people - not just one. It has a larger staff with a depth of talent that makes us incredibly proud. But no matter how many big things have changed, there are some things that are constant:

  • We are head over heels in love with this job. It is hard, the hours are long, and the seemingly glamorous never-ending fun that everyone sees accounts for only about 15% of it. The other 75% is well...just not glamorous at all. But there is nothing more fulfilling and we are so honored to spend our days, weeks, months and years bringing joy to our clients and their guests.
  • Our process is unique and we don't do things the way others do.
  • We don't do one kind of wedding. We design and create any and every kind of wedding as long as it is authentic and meaningful.
  • We believe in trust, true love, and infectious enthusiasm.
  • We believe in hard work. (Thank goodness - see bullet point 1!) Our clients entrust us with so much and expect us to work hard and deliver our best. We will do that. Every.Single.Time.
  • We also believe in time off. Time away. Time to soak up the sun, roll in the waves, climb mountains, or just chill on the sofa with a good book. That time to live life and be inspired makes us better artists, sharper problem-solvers, and well-rounded business women. There is beauty inherent in simplicity, both in design and in the way we live.

So it was time for a new logo. Something cheerful and vibrant. The color of a coral sunset over the ocean. Delicate and hand-lettered with intention and artistry. Something so simple it could be stunning in any context. Chelsea Petaja, we absolutely love what you created for us.

More to come next week. After all, a logo isn't the whole of our brand - just a lovely little accessory we wear with pride.