What's new at RRE? Pretty much everything!


Since our site took a hiatus last Fall, we've welcomed some serious heart, soul and talent to the team. First and foremost, for those of you that haven't met her yet - I'm delighted to introduce my business partner, Betsy Krug. It's hard to believe, but it has been almost a full year since Betsy packed up her bags, relocated to North Carolina and agreed to join me in this whirlwind venture. More on Betsy, who she is, what she does, etc. to come soon (I promise!) but for now, let me just say that having her here has meant the world. Fun fact: it seems we have inherited a new hybrid name. When you say Betsy and Becca together a bunch, its easy to slip up and just say "Becky". We hear it a lot! People referring to neither of us - or either of us. It's like our own version of "Brangelina" and we've learned to laugh and embrace it.

We'll introduce the rest of our team soon!