A New and Improved Website... Finally!

Hi everyone! 

We are so excited to finally reveal a brand new look for rebeccaroseeents.com. This has been several months in the works and we hope you enjoy perusing all of the new content! A few things that are new:

  1. We're finally sharing images from recent weddings we haven't yet shared (see our Portfolio)!
  2. We've added an Education section and are now offering One-on-One Coaching sessions for those in the industry seeking guidance. 
  3. A Frequently Asked Questions page is packed with detailed information and answers to questions we hear all the time. 
  4. Perhaps most exciting of all, we've included more description than ever on our Your Event page. This content is designed to walk you through the entire planning/design process and all of the most important considerations if you're considering hiring RRE for your wedding or special event. Be sure to visit all the subsections to learn about Weddings & Social Events, Destination Weddings, Floral Design & Stationery, Your Experience, The ProcessYour Investment, The RRE Bride (who is she?!) and read Testimonials

All the new bells and whistles aside, we are absolutely thrilled to announce that we're bringing a little bit of heart and soul back to our site in the form of a daily blog! Those of you who followed RRE in it's first three years know that I used to post to the blog frequently. I shared stories, successes, challenges, personal insight, educational content, and so much more. Once our team started to expand, I backed away from that, thinking that I no longer had the right to share my personal perspectives so much. What a silly decision on my part! 

Special thanks to Amanda Castle Photography for our newest team photos!

Fast forward to December 2015, when Betsy, Nicole and I sat down for a team meeting to figure out what we needed to do better. We were all firmly on the same page... we need to be sharing more of ourselves, more of our hearts for this industry and for marriage, and allowing our prospective clients to have insight into what it's like to work with us!

"I feel like I already know you!"

That's what brides and mothers used to say when they called me to talk about their wedding. Well...it's not just me now (and hasn't been for a long time), but there's no reason we shouldn't be hearing "I feel like I already know all of you!"

Starting on February 23, we promise content every Tuesday-Friday. We're getting personal and we hope you'll join us on this journey.