Summer is Here!

Hello Friends!

I hope you enjoyed the 4th of July holiday weekend!  The hot weather, fresh watermelon, and long days can only mean one thing- spring is officially over and summer is here! It’s hard to believe this year is already flying by us. We’ve been busy as ever here and over the last few months I’ve been all business on our blog, despite my promise to give you some insight into my life outside of work.

Today I’m introducing the newest, furriest member of my family, Summer (perfect name for the season, right?!) Jack and I adopted Summer in the middle of June after her previous family could no longer keep her.  She came to us a bit downtrodden but that quickly changed when she met #fredtheterror. Summer and Fred are actually half brother and sister and best friends. The two of them play non-stop, follow each other everywhere, share the same bed and generally cause way too much trouble together.  Last week, they graciously decided to assist Jack and I in our #homerenovation projects by tearing a 9’x4’ hole in our ugly kitchen linoleum floor, moving the kitchen demolition up on the list of things to do in our house!  Jack and I are pretty much crazy for having two black labs still in the puppy stages (we know!) but wouldn’t have it any other way.  Sometimes the only way we can tell these two troublemakers apart is by their collar colors (Fred is red and Summer is green).  Enjoy a few iPhone photos of these two in our backyard celebrating the 4th!  I hope your holiday was just as fun as ours!

Cheers to July!