September 1st, 2016!  Friends, how is it possible that today marks our transition into the fall months?  So many emotions!  Boy, am I excited to see this summer heat head out of town but seriously, where has time gone?!  This year has been such a whirlwind filled with great joys, great successes, but also plenty of great challenges.  

The first day of September is always special because today is Jack’s birthday!  So tonight we’ll celebrate and next week we’re taking a few days off to head to the Biltmore Estate for a mini vacation and some much needed R&R.  Last Sunday, I successfully completed my first triathalon without falling, crying or making a fool of myself (but as I anticipated, my hair did indeed look horrible after chlorine, a bike helmet, and the run). I definitely didn’t win any beauty pageants or break any records but I did exactly what I set out to do, I finished with a smile and completed the entire run without walking. I am pretty darn proud of my 1 hour, 15 minute time. I already started training for the next one and still can’t quite figure out what is wrong with me to want to do this. My mother tells me I am a special breed of crazy.  Is that a compliment?

Over the past few weeks Becca and I have been busy behind the scenes preparing to open our new #RRCbrickandmortor design studio. Each day, we get a little bit closer and it’s so much fun to see things slowly take shape. We’re cooking up some pretty fantastic plans for our grand opening soirée. Becca is dreaming in linens, layouts, details + flowers and I’m dreaming in food, beverage and entertainment. We can’t wait! We’re making our list and checking it twice, so if you’ve recently moved we’d love for you to send us your new address.  Please email us at so we can update our list.  And no matter who you are...please don’t feel silly!  If you are following along and reading this blog post, we would be so delighted celebrate with you at our party so if you'd like an invite, don’t think twice and send us your address!

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As we head into the fall months, we can’t wait to open the doors to our new design studio, sip on pumpkin lattes, and plan for the holidays with our families and friends.  We hope that you’ll come visit us in our new design studio as the leaves start to change here in the beautiful Reynolda Village.  Before we know it, 2017 will be here!