Student Internships - Apply Now!

The deadline for fall semester student internships is fast approaching and we don’t want you or someone you know to miss out. Many of you have asked, so today I am sharing what you can expect from an internship with Rebecca Rose Events.

Behind the Scenes Peek at Business Operations

The world of hospitality and special events is something that I truly love, even through it involves a ton of hard work. People see the end product, which is a beautifully designed wedding or event and think, “Wow, your job must be so cool,” or “You are so lucky to be creative all day.” While creativity is a pillar of our company, it’s just a small portion of our day-to-day activity. Owning your own company means spending lots of time actually running a business before getting to do what you love. Our internship is intentionally designed to given students a real peek at the operations of a small business. Each week we have a staff meeting, in which we invite students to join, listen, and participate. We discuss sales, marketing, and accounting before we delve into discussions about client projects. Through our little sister brand, Rebecca Rose Creative, students can learn about new product development, inventory, retail, and product launch. 

Experience Working Special Events

From start to finish, we want students to be involved in learning the process of producing a wedding and understanding the details that go into the process. There is no process or step to be missed in full-scale event production. Students will be exposed to budget development, vendor research, invitation assembly and mailing, wedding paper goods prep, linen inventory, floral processing and vessel prep, delivery and setup, installation, event day management and coordination, and event breakdown. Some days consist of office work researching trends in the wedding industry or working with paper goods. Other days consist of learning how to process floral shipments, inventory products or prep for pack outs. No two days are ever alike in our design studio and that’s just the way we love it! On an event day, students will learn first hand what it’s like to execute a timeline, direct a wedding ceremony, communicate and work alongside the kitchen team and other vendors. Event days are usually very long hours spent on your feet, and involve a lot of manual labor. That’s the not-so-glamorous part that people don’t talk about but is important for students to experience first-hand. 

At the end of a long hard event production weekend, despite the body aches and fatique, Becca and I both feel so incredibly fulfilled and happy. Loving and serving our clients brings us the most outstanding joy and makes this crazy life all worthwhile. That said, we know that not everyone is like us, so we want students to have an opportunity to give this career a “test drive” in our internship program. 

You can read more about the criteria for our student internship program and apply online here.   We look forward to hearing from you soon!