A Social Media Update: Tweet Tweet!

Hi everyone! 

Every Tuesday morning, this place is buzzing like crazy. Since we're closed on Mondays, each Tuesday brings the start of a new work week. New deadlines, more items to check off our lists, more meetings, more phone calls, more design work, and more opportunities to love and serve each other, and our clients. These mornings are exhilarating, coffee-fueled, and joyful. So, to all of you I say... happy Tuesday! 

Photography by  Nancy Ray

Photography by Nancy Ray

Couldn't resist including that pretty photo of color pencils and glitter. Can you look at it without breaking a smile?! Didn't think so!

If you're following along on our @RRoseEvents twitter feed, I applaud you. Honestly, we've let that social media account languish for quite some time. It's no wonder our followers dwindled down to 800ish! Ha! A few weeks ago, we decided it was time to get a little bit more social in the twittersphere, and so we jumped in. Find me at @RRE_Becca, and be sure to follow the rest of our full-time team at @RREBetsy, @RREBrittany, and @RRE_Kristin

As always, we're still posting on Instagram regularly and were so honored to have been recently named one of the 27 Wedding Planners You Need to Follow on Instagram by Martha Stewart Weddings! The new Instagram features that have been rolled out in these last weeks/months are pretty incredible, right?! On any event weekend, you can be sure we'll be sharing behind-the-scenes looks and videos in our Insta-Stories feed. 

Here's the thing about social media though, it only makes sense if we're actually social. We want to hear from you, chat with you, support you - our friends, clients, and fellow creative partners in this industry, and call awareness to the things that matter most. So, if we're not already - let's be social media friends.