Fri-yay in the RRE Studio

Happy Fri-YAY everyone! I’m not sure what’s on your agenda for today, but I hope you’re having a delightful Friday!! As you can probably guess, my Fridays around here vary quite a bit, especially depending on the type of event we’re getting ready for.

Part of my job here at RRE is heading up special projects before events. This varies widely and during my typical Friday routine I can be seen doing a number of things such as assembly, typing up and printing anything from posters to envelopes to escort cards, wrestling (yes, this is the correct verb) linens (or linen wracks), triple checking guest lists, packing up decorations, loading cargo vans, making lists, and eating waffles. (I eat blueberry waffles literally every day.)

Fridays around here can mean anything from winding down the week to gearing up for a big event and the energy is completely different each time!

My favorite Fridays are the ones where we are gearing up for a big event. It’s so awesome to see everything coming together and to appreciate all the little details that make everything turn into one big cohesive picture, and to take part in all the behind-the-scenes action. It’s fast-paced and energetic.

My routine for a busy Friday involves getting a checklist together early on and forming a effective game plan! Getting our team out the door with everything needed for an event is my highest priority on a pre-event Friday. Sometimes these days are coffee and adrenaline-fueled, but seeing something successfully come together makes it all worth it. Making piles of decorations, creating and assembling posters, cards, and helping to get all the little details together for the event is imperative.

Even when we aren’t getting ready for an event Fridays are still my favorite days, but maybe not for the reason you might think! I like Fridays for their conclusiveness – the end of a busy week and the wrap up of a week’s worth of goals reached. Something about Friday feels complete and comes with a sense of accomplishment that I really enjoy.

I hope you all enjoy your beautiful Friday! Cheers the weekend and a fruitful week ahead!!

‘Til next time,