April Showers...

Greetings from wet, rainy, soggy, waterlogged North Carolina! If you live anywhere in the Southeast, chances are you can relate to this soaked state of affairs. If not, well - I wish we could send you some rain to spread the love! Ha!

As Betsy shared yesterday, we just returned from Lauren and Emanuel's wedding in Virginia Beach, and yes, it rained on the wedding day. Wedding day rain is commonplace, though everyone prays fervently against it. If you're one of many brides, grooms, or family members fretting about the weather forecast for an upcoming wedding day... hear me on this: let go of your worry.


Anxiety should have no place in wedding preparation. Anxiety gets in the way of joy. Make sure you have a solid rain plan, and then mentally get on board with it. Rainy wedding days can truly be some of the most beautiful! 

On the subject of rain, people often ask if the old adage is true, that April showers bring May flowers. Well, I can't say for sure. But I can say that we just spent last week up to our eyeballs in some of the loveliest blooms we've ever worked with, and if May's blooms are anything like these, we're in for a stunning treat! Just a few sneak peeks from my iphone of last week's floral prep on location in Virginia...