And we're back... first wedding of the season is done!

The starter’s horn has sounded, the marathon has been run, and the racers have returned home!   After months and months (over a year) of planning, we kicked off the 2017 wedding season with a bang.  Our team has just returned from producing a  beautiful wedding in Virginia Beach, our first wedding of the year. 

This is just an iPhone sneak peek! Stay tuned for beautiful film images to come from  Lucy Cuneo !

This is just an iPhone sneak peek! Stay tuned for beautiful film images to come from Lucy Cuneo!

We may be a bit sleepy and sore, but we are so incredibly happy!!!  There is really nothing greater in this world then seeing all the plans come to life, and feeling the happiness and love of a family you’ve come to adore on such an important day in their lives.  We feel so genuinely blessed to be invited into our clients’ lives, and lucky to do work that we find so fulfilling.  After working together so closely, we stay close with many of our clients and consider them to be wonderful lifelong friends!

One of my favorite things to do is after a wedding (and honeymoon) is to catch up with the family and share the funny stories from behind the scenes.  The truth is there is always something that goes astray behind the scenes and usually we can solve it without our clients ever finding out.  Sharing those blooper reels with them always makes for such great laughter. Don’t believe me, check out our blooper reels from previous weddings: here and here.

It’s lucky that our team likes to laugh, because when we produce a destination event we set up a mobile office, floral design/production studio, and living quarters onsite, wherever we may be with a pretty large team (this past week it was 8 people).  When you, eat, sleep, live, work, and play with your co-workers 24/7, you really get to know them!  Picture this… you have me with crazy sleep Seinfield “Kramer hair” by the coffee pot, barely functioning, in sleep deprived fits of laughter looking for the cargo van keys in a sea of flowers covering the kitchen island while simultaneously apologizing for swearing and trying to eat a breakfast banana.  That pretty much sums up our #rreshenanigans.     

I couldn’t be more thankful for our incredible RRE team who made this last week (and all our events) possible!  These ladies work tirelessly; they each have an incredible heart of gold, the physical strength of the Hulk, and resourcefulness of MacGyver.  Three cheers for these superstars!  Ladies, because of you, great things are possible!  We love you!