Life as a Wedding Planner | A Few Behind-the-Scenes Moments

Wow!  Where is time going this year? Spring took its sweet time coming around but April showers finally did bring May flowers!  So much has been happening here at RRE in the past few months. 

We ended 2017 with so much celebration and love.  In November we attended the Southern Weddings #V10 launch party in Chapel Hill.  Driving to the party was a clown show, to say the least.  We offered to help our friends at the magazine out by picking up Cheerwine from the factory on the way.  This meant Becca, Brittany and I were all decked out in glitz, glamour, and gowns at 2:00pm in the afternoon.  As we pulled up to the factory loading dock, I’m pretty sure all of the workers thought we were crazy.  There were so many boxes! Brittany was wedged in the back seat, which didn’t bode well. Then in attempt to have some fun for our Instagram stories, I tried to open a refreshing bottle of Cheerwine only to have it fizzle and explode all over my champagne colored cocktail dress and my beige car interior.  What.A.Mess!  With the AC cranked, one gas station stop later (to purchase Shout wipes!), we pulled up to the Carolina Inn with running mascara from all our laughter.  Seeing all of our friends and celebrating our magazine feature was just the bees knees!  What an honor to be included in this group as a wedding industry insider.

Our wedding production and design season ended with two pretty darn special celebrations!  We were so delighted to help design and plan the weddings for two members of our RRE family.  Kasey, one of our former graphic designers, was married at Rose Hill Plantation the last weekend of October.  Devin, our former intern & assistant, was married the first weekend of November at The Barn an Reynolda Village.  What a joy to be their wedding planner! We are bursting at the seams to share more from these spectacular weddings but you’ll have to hang tight just a bit longer.  In the meantime, enjoy these sneak peeks (Devin & Greg above - images courtesy of Ally & Bobby Photography | Kasey & Zach below - images courtesy of Callie Davis at Nancy Ray Photography)

If you haven’t noticed, things look a bit different around here.  Through the winter and the beginning of the spring, we worked with Kathryn Duckett and her amazing team at Crème Brands to launch our new branding and website.  What a labor of love and so worth it!  We had two photo shoots– both of which were delayed because of the darn weather (yes- snow in March).  With all of the behind-the-scenes work that went into our site, we decided to take a break from blogging.  Y’all this was amazing!  Is that horrible to write?  Here’s the thing, each week Becca takes our copy, edits it and adds images to produce our blog posts.  She asks for our copy a few days in advance and I NEVER have it done in time.  Honestly, we can count the number of times on one hand.  Even as I write this one, I am pretty sure I am over a week past due. I am the WORST and always get called out in our staff meetings (usually I call myself out).  Not having the pressure of writing content each week was the best breather ever.  But, alas, we are back at it and Becca’s patience is being tested yet again. #sorrybecca

In February and March, Becca and I tested our friendship by driving over 700 miles in two days to conduct site visits all over North Carolina, South Carolina and almost into Virginia.   I am convinced we went on every back country rode and tested the limits of Google maps in search of the most amazing “never before seen" venues.  The culmination of this trip was definitely the food.  Since the beginning of the year, Becca has been eating vegan 98% of the time and I have been sticking to my paleo diet.  We both were doing so well until those fateful days in the car.  We were in the middle of nowhere, with no restaurants or grocery stores in site.  We were maxed out on energy and our heads were spinning.  Y’all we stopped at Sheetz and our worlds were turned upside down! Neither of us had experienced lunch at Sheetz before which resulted in my total panicked ordering of fried pickles, mozzarella sticks, quesadilla, and mac-n-cheese bites.  To say the wheels fell off the bus is the understatement of the century.  Somewhere in a greasy food haze, Becca and I ended up down the side of a mountain, on a one-way road, at a person’s home with “trespassers will be shot” signs. In an attempt to “run” for our lives and not fall off a mountain, I backed my car into a concrete retaining wall.  That did not make the Instgram stories because, well, there was a lot of swearing happening. 

So there you have it, you are officially caught up on what’s been happening behind the scenes here at RRE.  To sum it up, we’ve been up to our usual shenanigans. If laughter burned as many calories as running, I am pretty sure we would all be supermodel skinny by now.  If you want some good laughs, be sure to follow our stories on instagram @RRoseEvents #rrebehindthescenes.