Wedding Planning Advice from Brides - Part 3 | The Engagement Period

What a week it’s been!  We’re so thankful for your positive feedback from our interviews with RRE Brides last week.  If you missed the first posts in this new series, be sure to catch up here and here

Photography by Nancy Ray

Photography by Nancy Ray

Being engaged is the first, most wonderful step in getting married.  This season of life should not be filled with stress.  Our process is built to ensure couples enjoy their engagement because goodness- it sure goes by fast!  Don’t believe us, read it from our RRE brides!

What’s the best piece of advice you can impart on newly engaged couples? 

Enjoy the moment! We celebrated with our immediate family the evening of our engagement and then went away for the weekend just the two of us. There is plenty of time for planning and arranging dates and vendors--I am so grateful looking back that we really lived in the moment of that exciting day and weekend. 

Caitlin Roach

Photography by Nancy Ray

Photography by Nancy Ray

Cherish your time being engaged because it goes by fast-but marriage is even better! And planning a wedding is a great way to work on your communication skills with your future spouse.

Sarah Lyon

Enjoy the season!  It’s a season of memory making and because I’m sentimental I can’t not share a few memories from our engagement season… Hearing him call me his “fiancé” for the first time, him reaching for my hand on the dock at our engagement party, and an impromptu champagne celebration at the spot of our engagement the week before our wedding.

Sarah Ann Sawyers

Make the day about what's important to you as a couple, even if it means going against the grain or taking a non-traditional route. Lee is Jewish and I’m United Methodist; so, we chose to have an interfaith wedding with a Rabbi and a minister sharing the role as officiants.  It was important to us for the ceremony to highlight the values and traditions regarding marriage and the joining of families that are shared by both faiths. A second non-traditional aspect of our wedding was my decision to have three bridesmen, instead of bridesmaids. When I thought about who I wanted standing by my side, asking my younger brother to be my bridesman-of-honor and my two best friends, one from college and one graduate school, there was no other choice for the wedding party. I will forever be grateful for the hours they spent steaming my gown and veil! 

Meriwether Goldstein

I think the best advise I could give anyone planning a wedding is to relax and have fun! Planning a wedding is stressful and can get pretty intimidating, but at the end of the day you get to marry the love of your life! And that’s what really matters most. 

We can’t wait to share lots more from these amazing ladies next week!