Wedding Planning Advice from Brides | Part 1

I cannot think of a better way to introduce our new series “Advice from RRE Brides,” than to re-share a post Becca wrote in 2016.    This oldie but goodie gives perfect insight into the loveliest people we are honored to work with and the things they love most.   In our new series, launching next week, you’ll get to hear advice directly from former RRE Brides.  You won’t want to miss the next four weeks.  In the meantime, we hope you enjoy reading about how this all began.


The RRE Bride - Who is She?

Over the past six years, we have developed and honed a creative planning process that is truly special. As we've worked hard to fine-tune and continually improve our approach to wedding planning and design, we've been forced to really confront a crucial question. Who is our client? What does she love? What's most important to her? How do we deliver an experience that she will enjoy? In a nutshell, who is the RRE bride?

But first an important disclaimer... We don't just work with brides. We work with brides, grooms, couples, families, and a select handful of corporate clients as well. We welcome the opportunity to work with anyone and don't at all mean to give the impression that brides are the only people who will receive the level of care and attention we strive so hard to consistently provide. That said, we know that statistically speaking, brides are most commonly the people who decide to reach out to us. If you're a bride-to-be, this post is for you!

Bride at Lonesome Valley


What follows below isn't just a description of any bride. This is someone we're meant to work with, and someone who will truly love and appreciate working with us. 

She loves her fiancé fiercely and cares deeply about building a lasting marriage.

She dreams of candlelit moments, a dance floor full of joyful friends, and a bouquet of soft, lush, beautiful blooms.

She has a clear, uncompromising sense of style, and doesn't feel the need to conform to trends. 

She values relationships more than possessions.

She wants beautiful and timeless photographs that will help shape a legacy, and allow her to share memories with future generations.

She hopes her wedding isn’t just about her and wants him to be involved too!

She cares about her guests’ experience and comfort.

She is ready to invest her trust in our team to create, design, and deliver a celebration that is crafted specifically for her.

She knows that we will work incredibly hard to make her dreams come true.

Is she you? Is she someone you know? 



Special thanks to Rylee Hitchner Photography, Mark Andrew Studios, Laura Gordon PhotographyNancy Ray PhotographyLandon Jacob Photography, and Perry Vaile Photography