My First Year at Rebecca Rose Events!

Oh my goodness you guys!

It has been exactly ONE YEAR since I began this journey with RRE and became the studio manager of this amazing company!

How has it already been a year? This last trip around the sun has been truly a wonderful experience and I’ve loved every minute of it!

Lauren Jolly Photography

Lauren Jolly Photography

I have SO many favorite moments here it’s hard to choose just a couple! From emergency cookie dough runs to the people I’ve met, there are a ton of good memories.  

One of my favorite moments happened a couple of months ago when Betsy and Kristin brought in a bunch of old books for a styled editorial shoot we were working on. One of them was an etiquette book from the 50s. I literally cannot explain how hilarious this book was. We spent probably a good hour laughing about it. There was an exercise section (exercising like the delicate, eloquent swan of grace that you are!) and I tried to do some of the exercises on our floor, effectively learning how to do a crunch like a princess and make my obliques lean as a candlestick. I even managed to successfully balance the etiquette book on top of my head for a solid 2 or 3 minutes! (Whether I was simultaneously able to move or breathe is irrelevant.)

Luckily, Becca captured this in an iPhone snap!

Luckily, Becca captured this in an iPhone snap!

In April, Kristin and I planned an Easter egg hunt in the office and complete craziness ensued. Eggs were everywhere: in the microwave, in the oven, in our K-Cup coffee pod rack. In our plants.

You never know how truly competitive the people you work with are until you hide plastic eggs filled with chocolate in their work area. Needless to say, this was a really fun day. (And there was SO MUCH chocolate!) 

Because our studio space used to be a functioning doggie bakery, we have a kitchen and an oven. For our Christmas team dinner we baked a lasagna in it. I’ve had the pleasure of eating a lot of surprise donuts and Kristin’s awesome baking! I’ve gotten to meet some of you. The days have been filled with coffee, laughs, and lots more coffee.

Honestly, the best part of time here so far has just been bonding with the amazing women that I work with. I truly could not ask for a more supportive, sweet, entertaining (LOL!) and awesome group to work with. I’ve learned a lot and finally feel like I’ve settled in. :) I can’t wait to see what the future holds! 

Til next time,