The Fur Babies of RRE

Hi guys!

Not sure if you know this, but a few days ago was National Dog Day, so I hope everyone gave their doggies a lot of extra love! :)

I thought (even though not everyone here at RRE has dogs) we DO all have animals that give tons of love and keep us sane and we would like to use this moment to put the spotlight on all our cute and precious fur babies!

Brittany, Bobo & Binkey

I have two of the cutest little cats you ever did see. Their names are George Washington (Bobo) and Binkey. They both recently had birthdays this summer: Bobo turned 14 and Binkey 13. We all grew up together (Bobo joined my family when I was only 11 and he was 6 weeks old!) and they are the best, floofiest (the only accurate description here), cutest little besties a girl could ask for.

No matter if I’m sad, happy or anything in between, they are the sweetest little support system. They know when I’m not feeling well or if I had a bad day and will go out of their way to give me extra snuggles.

That being said, my favorite thing about them is how snuggly they are. No matter where I am in my house, there is a cat in my lap (or at least laying on the paper in front of me if I’m working on something.) Their favorite pastimes are being adorable, napping like it’s an Olympic sport, sitting in boxes, being regal, and eating my food with me. No lie, Bobo’s favorite snack to share with me is a blueberry donut and Binkey’s is Cheetos.

Kristin & Phoebe

Kristin’s little fur baby is literally so cool she has her own hash tag. #phoebethefeline is her name, fittingly named after Phoebe Buffay from the show Friends.

Phoebe is feisty and a bit grouchy at times, but is always friendly to new people. When Kristin adopted her she was told Phoebe was between 2 and 4 years old. Even though her exact age isn’t known, Phoebe assuredly has the energy of a kitten (darting from room to room like she is on a secret spy mission.)

Kristin & Phoebe.jpg

Phoebe has stuck by Kristin’s side through five different living arrangements in the past two years, and Kristin has already called their house their “bachelorette pad.” Kristin’s nephew, Finn, calls her apartment “Phoebe’s house,” which is definitely accurate. Phoebe runs the place. Kristin just sleeps there.

Becca & Pickles the Pug

Pickles is a little black pug with a perfect smushy face that you can’t help but find adorable! Her full name is Pickles Honey Bear Atchison and she is a little seven year old pug baby that Becca rescued right after she and her husband moved to Winston. She was the sweetest little sister to her older pug brother, Muggsy (who passed away last year) and now relishes her role as a big sissy to Piper Rose. 

Pickles loves to wait faithfully at the base of Piper's high chair during every meal (inevitably being rewarded with lots of scraps that Piper drops to her both intentionally and accidentally!) Some of her other favorite activities include snuggling up on any pillow, blanket or soft surface to snooze and engaging in a good game of tug-o-war with any dog (or toddler) toy! (Becca’s ongoing struggle is teaching her the difference…)

She is strong and resilient and one of the bravest little dogs there is! In her short little life, she has had several major surgeries, almost died twice, and currently takes medicine to control epilepsy. Becca sends a sincere shout-out to the best veterinarians on earth at ArdVista Animal Hospital and the surgeon (Dr. Coger!) who saved Pickles' life when she was only two years old at Carolina Veterinary Specialists.

Even though caring for her has been expensive and stressful at times, Becca’s family can't imagine the last seven years without her by their side. When Becca was pregnant, Pickles would snuggle under the covers to sleep with her head on her belly almost every night, like she knew that her little girl was growing in there! That will always be such a special memory for her (and for Pickles, too!).

Betsy & The Terrors

If you’ve read a few of Betsy’s previous blogs, you’ve most likely heard if Fred and Summer (the Terrors!) Beware: they will smother you with love if you get too close. Two giant black labs, these Terrors are a brother and sister team full of shenanigans.

One little known fact about Fred is that he’s a prince. Really, he is. He comes from champion blood, as his dad was a winner at Westminster. Super handsome fellow.

Fred and Summer are the worst guard dogs in the world, because they literally just love everyone. I’ve met them before and was almost taken down by the sheer force of their love. Their “terror” nickname doesn’t only come from the terrifying intensity of their cuteness and love for you, but also the fact that they like to get into things. A lot. Betsy is consistently coming to work in mismatched socks because one or both of the terrors has eaten one.

That’s it for now -- I hope y’all loved hearing about our furry family!!

Til next time,