A Question We're Asked All the Time

Whether we're working with a client's budget at $50,000 or $350,000, this is a common question we're asked all the time. How do I lower the cost of my wedding? 

There is a simple answer to this question, but it is not as simple in execution. The answer is always the same, for any client, in any city or destination, with any budget. You need to decrease your guest count. It is an easy answer for us to give, but we absolutely understand that it is difficult to do. You put each person on your guest list for a reason. You want to include everyone that has ever had a part of your life in one of the biggest days of your life. And with an unlimited budget, you absolutely could!

But the reason you are asking the question is because you need to figure out a practical way to spend less on your wedding. There are small things you could cut out, such as favors, late night snacks, or the amount of time that your photographer is present, but if you really want to see some dramatic changes in your budget, you have to cut down on the amount of people you are inviting.

When we have clients that respond to this suggestion with “there is no way I can cut anyone out. Each person that is on our guest list needs to stay,” we tell them there is a way to decide who should be there. We tell our clients to think about each person on their guest list and ask themselves these questions to determine if they should be included in their big day:

  • Would I invite this person to my house on a Friday night for dinner?
  • Is this someone I could call up in ten years and spend an evening with?
  • Has this person been a part of my life since my relationship with my fiancé began?

If you cannot answer yes to each of these questions about someone, then maybe that is someone you could consider not inviting. I know it sounds harsh, but if you need to make meaningful cuts in expenses, this is the single best way to do it. 

If you are getting started with wedding planning and just don’t know where to start when it comes to a budget, get it touch with us! We offer hourly consulting and would love to help you put together a comprehensive budget!