Floral Design at Rebecca Rose Events

Four years ago, when we decided to incorporate full in-house floral design as part of our comprehensive design approach, I could never have imagined how much it would change our business for the better. Naturally, we hoped the change would be good, but the results have been so much better than good. 

In some ways the transition was challenging... it meant tons of training, education, additional labor, etc. But truth be told, it wasn't nearly as difficult as I imagined it would be. I see flowers as such an integral and important part of each event that I design. Four years into this beautiful endeavor, I can't imagine working any other way. 

Floral Design by Rebecca Rose

The initial reason we decided to take this leap of faith was our destination wedding work. Because flower are so incredibly important to me as an event designer, I worried about the jobs that would take us to faraway places. Undoubtedly there are extremely talented florists in all corners of the earth, but it's one thing to work with a floral designer who takes the time to intimately understand and value your vision as a creative director, and another (more common) thing to work with a floral designer who sees their role as simply creating bouquets, centerpieces, and ready-made pieces to deliver. In other words, if I wasn't able to ensure that we could work with floral designers that I knew and trusted well, I wasn't comfortable diving into the destination market.

Photography by  Jake & Heather

Photography by Jake & Heather

Call it fear, or call it fate... we dove in and I'm so grateful that fear, faith, and hope pushed us over the edge four years ago. Our clients hire us and entrust us with the development and execution of a cohesive vision. We have always - and will always - take that challenge seriously, with gratitude and determination to do excellent work. 

There are some big changes on the horizon here at RRE in the coming months. The kind of changes that are hard to keep quiet about, but that will enable us to be even better and stronger. I promise we'll share more when we can, but you can rest assured that our comprehensive approach to wedding planning, design and production will continue to include floral design!

Photography by  Emily March

Photography by Emily March

Thank you to all of you - our clients, industry colleagues, creative partners, editors, and friends who have supported us, trusted us, and loved us these past seven years in business, and especially the last four years in this floral endeavor. It's been a really beautiful four years. Cheers to many, many more ahead!