Bigger isn't Always Better | Elopements & Intimate Destination Weddings

Is less really more? Yes, sometimes I think it is.

If large crowds aren't for you, or if you're nervous being the center of attention... a small, intimate wedding may be exactly what your heart needs. 

Whether you choose to plan a destination wedding, or exchange vows in your hometown, at the end of the day - all you really need is each other, a marriage license, and an officiant. That said, there are a few details you really shouldn't skip:

1.) an incredible photographer

Friends, don't ever skimp on this. You can never go back and recreate your wedding day, and it's so important to have keepsake photography. These images help put your legacy into visual format that can be cherished, remembered, and appreciated for generations to come. Yes, this really matters.

2.) attire that makes you feel amazing 

Whether you splurge on couture or pick out a pretty little frock from a consignment shop (a la Carrie Bradshaw!) make the effort to choose something that makes you feel beautiful. Yes, you can waltz into a courthouse wearing your jeans and t-shirt, but I'd be willing to bet pretty heavily that you'll regret that later on. This is an occasion that warrants feeling your very best! 

3.) creative effort 

I love working with clients who are planning to elope and/or celebrate with an intimate gathering. The vision may be simple, but it still warrants thoughtful execution and beautiful, meaningful details. Sometimes that simply means that I'm creating a bouquet, a boutonniere, a keepsake marriage license/invitation/memento, scouting for a perfect location, sourcing a team to pull it all together (yes, you'll still want to have hair/makeup done). Bottom line: it's worthwhile to invest in hiring a creative director or stylist to pull it all together. 

4.) celebration 

After you exchange vows, you should plan some way to celebrate. This could be trip to Tuscany, a backyard cookout with friends, or an intimate, elegant dinner party with loved ones. Whatever you choose, it's important to spend time letting the magnitude of the occasion sink in and celebrating your marriage! 

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