Puppy Vacation

What a whirlwind this month of October has been!  In the past 4 weeks, our team has produced 4 weddings, 2 rehearsal dinners and 2 social parties.  What a wonderful, hardworking team we’re blessed to have here!  I’m so thankful for our little Rebecca Rose Events family! 

I had strategically planned some time off starting the day after our last wedding.  I was looking forward to flying to Siesta Key to spend 5 days with my mom and dad, the warm sandy beach and a bottle (or two) of cold beer to temporarily take a breather from work.  Last week, Becca wrote about the value of time off and I was ready for mine.  Well…  life happens, my plans changed, and vacation was cancelled. 

On September 26th, my sweet black lab Summer was hit by a car at the end of our driveway.  It was a terrible accident, her injuries were pretty severe, and we thought she’d lose her front leg.  She spent a week in ICU at the emergency vet, underwent a surgery to close her skin wound and was released with a big cast that needs to be changed daily.  We’ve been making trips back to the vet every day for bandage changes with sedation, but our sweet pup is well on her way to recovery. 

summer 2.JPG

In the next few weeks she’ll undergo another surgery, by miracle surgeon, Dr. Cogar, to fuse her paw to her leg, repairing the severed ligaments. Through it all, this sweet girl is still wagging her tail and loving all the attention. The emergency staff at Carolina Vet Services has been so wonderful! They tell me the minute she wakes up from sedation they can tell because her tail starts wagging even before her eyes are open. They spoil her with fun designs on her casts; I swear I’m going to make a flipbook when this is all done!

This whole experience has and continues to be a lesson in patience and such a good reminder to slow down and just be happy… like my sweet injured lab!  I’m still sleeping on the first floor with my girl so she doesn’t have to hobble on the stairs in the middle of night for potty breaks, thanks to some serious meds.  I feel like superwoman for surviving the busiest weeks of the year while simultaneous caring for a broken puppy, a jealous healthy dog and a sick partner in crime, Jack.  I just may have that celebratory beverage of choice after all!

This week, in honor of my would-be vacation, I’m going to spend a little extra time doing the things I love- cooking, organizing my house, training for a triathlon, snuggling by pups and laughing with the love of my life… not necessarily in that order!

Until next week,


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