My Favorite Thing about Working in the Wedding Industry

I read a while back that event planning landed a spot in a list of top 10 most stressful jobs, which I guess isn’t that surprising because we take on the stress of our clients (so that they don’t feel stressed!)

Leading up to a big wedding or event can certainly be stressful, but even more than that, it’s so rewarding! When our team is running around what seems like a thousand miles an hour gearing up for an event we’ve spent weeks (or months) planning, sure there’s some stress, but there is also an excitement that the BIG DAY is almost here! When we work with clients on such special and important days of their lives, there is sweetness in seeing their dreams for their day fulfilled. Even more sweet is the knowledge that we were a part of making their day so special.

Mark Andrew Studios

Mark Andrew Studios

One of my absolute favorite parts of this process is learning about the couples’ love stories, especially hearing how they met. There is such an inspiring beauty in a simple, real-life love story, especially told by the people who light up when they tell their own.

Sure, event planning might be stressful, but we keep doing it because the reward is so much greater.

Til next time!