Lauren's Bridal Bouquet | A Floral Recipe

Last year I shared a fun post with a floral recipe and some insight into how I created Jessica's bridal bouquet. I'm not sure how I've managed to let an entire year go by without doing that again, and it's definitely past time. Today I'm excited to share a little bit about Lauren's bouquet! 

This charming April wedding design was heavily influenced by our bride's love of all things French.  The color palette was inspired by the gardens of Versailles and the beautiful pastel hues that come to mind when you think of fashion in the age of Marie Antoinette. Naturally, this palette opens up a whole world of opportunity and the spring season is ripe with tons of varieties for the choosing.

While we did order a lot of different blooms for the wedding, I intentionally limited the choices for the bridal bouquet. Roses were a must for Lauren and I loved being able to incorporate my all-time fave: the Romantic Antike garden rose. This rose opens up in to be so delightfully full and fluffy, and it's center is a rich coral/berry color that gives so much interesting depth. It's a stunner every single time.

Want to create a similar bouquet? Here's the recipe: 

The Flowers


As mentioned above, I chose Romantic Antike garden roses. These were the signature flower for the whole weekend and were selected to work cohesively with some beautiful silk ribbon we used (both on the invitation suite, as well as on some wedding day details including the programs and the place settings).


It was early in the season for peonies, so the blooms were smaller than what we often see in May/June/July, but they were lovely nonetheless. I used very soft blush peonies in Lauren's bouquet. 


Let me count the ways I love to use hellebores. It's the most incredible flower! I used white/ivory and pink/mauve varieties. 


White lilac is the loveliest springtime delight and it was perfect for her bouquet. 


I used some soft pink spray roses - only a few - to create an element of cohesiveness with the groom's boutonniere. 


This interesting bloom was used sparingly and just at the bottom of the bouquet to give a tiny little bit of dreamy dripping texture.  

The Foliage

While I often use a lot of greenery in bouquets for texture, I used very little this time. The hellebores provided beautiful texture and movement on it's own and it served as a perfect substitute for greenery. The only foliage used was dusty miller. I only used a few leaves and tucked them in to pull a little bit of soft dusty blue/grey color into the mix. 

All images by  Lucy Cuneo

All images by Lucy Cuneo