Whoa! It's Already February!

Hi friends! 

We're back, after a lengthy hiatus from our beloved blog due to no reason other than the simple fact that, well... we were B-U-S-Y. And then in the moments that we weren't busy, we took a little bit of time to be with our families and relish in the peacefulness of the winter holidays that passes with the blink of an eye. Milk and cookies were consumed. Naps were taken. Movies were watched. But then, new year's day came and went, the month of January absolutely flew by, and here we are on February 1st! It's high time we do whatever it takes to return this sweet little blog to ship-shape condition. So here's our pledge: no matter how busy we get, we're going to keep blogging. If you're ready to keep reading, we're ready to keep writing. And boy oh boy, have we missed you!! 

Amanda Castle Photography

Amanda Castle Photography

So many new things to share from the past five months. We've welcomed new additions to our team, executed some beautiful weddings, designed a slew of delightful social parties, firmly settled into our new design studio in Reynolda Village, and we're hard at work on some exciting new updates to our brand and suite of services. 

Starting next week on Tuesday, you'll be hearing from all of us on a regular basis! Stay tuned and keep coming back for more... we've got a lot to share.