Wedding Guest Attire

As the season changes, we find ourselves prepping for late fall and winter parties, and looking ahead to spring weddings. You may not be hosting your own upcoming wedding, but chances are that you'll be attending one as a guest soon-ish, right? It's never too often to have a refresher on guest attire etiquette. 

My best advice? Pay attention to the invitation and don't ignore the clues. If it says black tie, then don't mess around. If it doesn't say anything, then dig a little deeper. These days, most couples share a wedding website url on their save the date. If done well, a wedding website communicates key details, including the dress code. When in doubt, err on the side of overdressing. If you're underdressed, you'll stand out like a sore thumb and feel uncomfortable. If you're slightly overdressed, you'll still look great! If you're really unsure, stick to a neutral color.  Ladies, steer clear of white dresses (though we don't need to tell you that!) Gentlemen, be prepared to don a classic suit or a tux. 

There are so many options for women, who need look no further than their favorite boutique, department store or Rent the Runway. But what about the guys? No need to spend hundreds of dollars to purchase a suit or a tux. It is possible to rent one, and it is possible to rent one that is actually chic. 

Over this past year, we've fallen in love with The Black Tux. I can testify that the selection is nice, the service is great, and the process is easy. Our clients have ordered from them, and my own husband has as well. I love this option not only for grooms and groomsmen, but for wedding guests. These are much more sophisticated rental selections than we typically see from the mass-market men's retail stores (and the prices are eminently reasonable)!

Our friends over at The Black Tux sent us this nifty infographic below, so I couldn't resist sharing. Take a look and start planning your wedding wardrobe selections.

Happy Friday!