Keeping Creativity in the Workplace

We all have different jobs here that mesh and make us the team that we are. While there are definitely some overlapping elements to our jobs, we each have individual responsibilities with individual opportunities to be creative and to approach our jobs differently.

Here are a few things we always do to keep the creative juices flowing and enhance productivity and creativity around the office!

1.    We have a team mentality.

Nothing we do is all about ourselves. This is true on many levels: we work for our clients and our jobs are literally about the most important days and moments of their lives. This truly is an industry rooted in hospitality and we are not focused on ourselves as we do our jobs. This makes us think outside of ourselves and really jump into what it is that makes our clients most happy.

On an internal level, we don’t just focus on ourselves, either. None of us approaches our job with the mentality that if we do a good job we (as individuals) will “look good” or “outperform” one another. We certainly understand and praise each other’s accomplishments but we don’t work hard to make ourselves look important. We work hard for the success of the team and this keeps our minds moving and creative as we are work together and encouraging one another.

2.    Stuff is pretty.

Maybe I’m biased, but I think our studio space is just adorable. It’s genuinely a pretty place to physically come to work. Even when flowers are shipped here and we are in the middle of processing the shipment and chlorophyll is on the floor and leaves are all over the place and our studio is full of boxes and flower buckets, we are making a mess with beautiful blooms and fresh flowers. There is still an incredible element of beauty even in the midst of the mess.

Nancy Ray Photography

Nancy Ray Photography

Even if we are in the middle of a large assembly project with welcome boxes, stationery, escort cards, etc., we are still working with such lovely products that even our messes are at least pretty messes, which is motivating for staying creative and allows us to be inspired by our surroundings!

3.    We listen to one another.

I touched on this briefly before, but it is SO important! It’s impossible to remain creative in a place where you aren’t listened to. If someone feels like his or her ideas aren’t cared about or important enough to be heard, there is no encouragement for creativity. We always make a point to listen to one another and remain supportive!

4.    We drink a lot of coffee.

Really though – can one be creative without this magical nectar?

5.    Positive work environment

Outside of encouraging one another and listening to each other’s ideas, it’s important to stay positive in the midst of unplanned and unexpected changes. Remaining positive in times when we have to be quick on our feet helps us to focus on the task at hand instead of things that seem to be going wrong. When you remain positive in unexpected situations, it’s easier to see creative options to adapt.  

6.    We don’t forget to enjoy ourselves!

Yes, we are at work and yes, we are professionals. Being at work and having fun, however, are not exclusive of one another. In fact, I think being able to enjoy yourself and have fun while you’re working allows you to perform better and ultimately do a better job. There is never a shortage of jokes and laughter here, even in the midst of all the crazy.

‘Til next time,