My Favorite Gadgets

If you’ve followed along with our team this year, it should be no surprise that we love us some technology and gadgets!   Becca shared app’s she can’t live without; Kristin shared peeks into organizational tools our team loves and insight into technology in the wedding industry.   Today is my turn to share some of my favorites, so get ready for this riveting read as I share the gadgets I can’t live without.  

Fitbit: I’ve worn a Fitbit religiously since 2013. This is one of those things that makes me feel naked when it’s not on my wrist; I have also been known to almost cry when I realize I’ve gone a day with a dead battery (especially a run day).  Currently I am wearing the Flex 2 because it’s waterproof and still fits in the “pretty” bracelets I originally bought for my first tracker 4 years ago.  I have interchangeable Tory Burch accessories so I can wear my tracker with everyday outfits or black cocktail dresses on wedding days and still feel stylish.  I am super competitive so seeing how my stats compare to my friends keeps me moving and often pushes me to log an extra mile or two.  I must admit, I am currently considering moving to a Garmin so I can get more in depth data to help with my triathlon training.  If you have any words of wisdom, drop me a line in the comments section. I’d love to hear your experience and thoughts!

Bose SoundLink Speaker and Bose SoundSport Headphones:  Both of these were gifts from Jack and, truth be told, I was less than enthusiastic to receive them.  I thought they were both too expensive and simply something I didn’t need. Turns out, I was WAAYY wrong and Jack was right (don’t tell him please).  I am a music junkie and can’t imagine by life without either of these gadgets.  I have a SoundLink in my bathroom and another one that rotates between the garage on the weekend, kitchen on meal prep days and goes on the road when the RRE team travels for destination weddings.  These little guys pack a powerful punch with amazing sound.  The headphones were a Christmas gift last year and are my new favorite... worth every penny.  I don’t have to deal with cords on long runs and am proud to report the buds do not fall out no matter how sweaty you get (and it’s really sweaty in my case).   


Kindle Paperwhite: I will never argue with someone who says real books are great, but I’m officially an e-reader convert (and have been for over 5 years now).  Our team is on the road and traveling so often, it’s just not practical to take up precious suitcase space with books.  I am an avid reader and like to read a few pages before bed every night.  The backlit screen allows me to read after the lights are off and fall asleep on my own time.  I also love being able to have access to multiple books through various devices.  If I find myself in a waiting room, I can read a chapter or two on my iPhone through the Kindle app.  As a Prime member, I have access to a huge library of books.  I can also check out electronic books through my local library.  My reading library is a bit like my music… all over the place.  I alternate between business books, books about health/ self care and “trashy” romantic mysteries.  My favorite fiction author is Janet Evanovich.  I have a group text with my mom and Aunt Mary in which we exchange recommendations for fast, easy, “feel-good” reads.  If you need any suggestions, shoot me a note… I have plenty!

If I were on an island and could only take one gadget, I’d be very hard pressed to decide from my list.  I am officially addicted to all these tech goodies!  So that’s it… a small peek into my “riveting” life with technology.  Until next week, friends!