My Favorite Apps

Betsy wrote a post last week all about her iPhone apps she can’t live without. Well, after reading her post, I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you all! I like to keep things pretty basic when it comes to my phone and technology, so none of these apps are anything you’ve never heard of, I’m sure, but these are the apps that I use on a very regular basis.

As you can see, I like to keep all of my apps in folders at the bottom of my home screen. It helps me feel like things are less cluttered and more organized than they may actually be. It also allows me to add a picture as the background of my phone that I can enjoy every time I use my phone! And of course it is a picture of me and my sweet nephew, Finn!!

home screen.png

1)    Free Prints – this app allows you to print up to 85 photos a month for free!! All you have to do is pay shipping! Having a photographer for a sister, I am always hearing about how important it is to print your photos. Don’t just let them sit on your computer or on your phone! This is the best way to print my photos, since most of my photos are taken from my phone anyways! Since I have downloaded this app, I have used it to fill four photo albums full of memories that I know I will cherish for years and years to come!

2)    Think Dirty – this is an app you can use to scan different products and they will let you know, using a scale from 1-10, how “clean” they are. I use this mainly for makeup and hygiene products, but I can be used for cleaning products and many other things! I do my best to use products that have as few chemicals and unnecessary additives as possible, so this app comes in handy when I am shopping for new makeup or cleaning supplies.

3)    Spotify – while there are tons of different ways to listen to music on your phone, Spotify is the one I choose to use. I love that you can create playlists and listen to radio stations based on your favorite artists. I am almost constantly listening to music, so this app gets a lot of use on my phone.

4)    Podcasts – When I am not listening to music, you will probably find me listening to a podcast. I loved listening to the Serial series and have recently started listening to a new podcast called Up and Vanished. I also love listening to the Goal Digger podcast by Jenna Kutcher. If you have any good podcast recommendations, please share! I am always looking for something new to listen to in the car!

5)    Calendar – this is one app that I really don’t think I could do without. I put EVERYTHING in my calendar.  While I will always love using a paper planner and that will never change, I make sure to also keep things in my phone since I have this with me pretty much at all times.

These are some of my most used apps (other than the obvious-phone, email, messages) that I would have a hard time living without. What are some of the apps you love? Share below! (And be sure to check Becca's post earlier this year about her favorites!)