Our Hidden Talents

Hi, all!

If you’ve been reading our blog for a little while you probably already know quite a bit about us all. However, there’s more to the ladies of the RRE team than most of you probably already know about. Each of us has a few hidden talents that may surprise you!

Becca is an extremely good cook.  She has many signature dishes that everyone loves and she loves to make, but her favorite for this time of year is chili. Her family has a cute “first-day-of-fall” tradition where she makes chili and pumpkin pie to kick off the season the right way.

Nancy Ray Photography

Nancy Ray Photography

She is also a particularly talented dancer. She trained in classical dance for much of her life, particularly in ballet!

Betsy is secretly a handywoman. She can use power tools like she invented them and is currently building a large (and fancy!) shed in her backyard from the ground up!

Betsy is freakishly good at wrapping presents. Seriously, when she wraps something it looks so good it’s almost offensive. Seriously, if precision gift-wrapping were an Olympic sport Betsy would have a perfectly wrapped gold medal.

Nancy Ray Photography

Nancy Ray Photography

When it comes to baking, Kristin really takes the cake! Kristin loves baking, which is great for all of us here because she’s also super good at it. Kristin, at one point, even considered going to culinary school because she’s got a real knack and love for making great food.

I am constantly complimenting Kristin on her jewelry and all the time she replies, “Thanks; I made it!” She is currently working on a tassel necklace for me that I can’t wait to see in person and wear around! She really is talented and her jewelry pieces are always gorgeous!


Then there's me. I’m definitely not the best, but I’m actually a surprisingly decent singer. Unfortunately, singing in public is one of my biggest fears in the WORLD (right up there with spiders and centipedes) and I intentionally sing badly around people. If I ever sing my best in front of you, it’s a compliment. It’s rare that I sing in front of others, but when I do I can definitely hold my own. J

I also LOVE to draw. Most of my drawings aren’t realistic, because I don’t have the patience or the skill set to make realistic art. I do, however, create some savage doodles, like this one from a couple years ago.

I hope you enjoyed a little bit of insight into our secret talents!

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